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    39 Indians You Wish You Knew In Real Life

    Desi me rollin', they hatin'.

    1. This mahout who doesn't believe in casual Fridays.

    2. And this one, who knows that where there's a will, there's an elephant.

    3. The bedsheet salesman who came up with this marketing ploy.

    4. And the morbid restauranteur behind this one.

    5. Whoever wrote this PERFECT instruction for life.

    6. These dudes who are committed to Sikhism in all weather conditions.

    7. This upstanding and righteous traffic police officer.

    8. This extremely sex-positive dude.

    9. This dog who believes balance is the key to a happy life.

    10. The most extreme skateboarder in the world.

    11. And this dude who doesn't have an umbrella, but he has ingenuity.

    12. This father of the year.

    13. And this one, giving him a run for his money.

    14. And this dude who thinks the Taj Mahal is a tree.

    15. This group of bros just enjoying a motorcycle ride together.

    16. The metalhead entrepreneur who owns this store.

    17. And this aspiring building, dressing for the job he wants.

    18. This super badass grandma who likes her Australian beer.

    19. And this one who gives literally no fucks.

    20. This barber, committed to giving a close shave.

    21. The pessimist who drives this rickshaw.

    22. The most Xtreme monkey of all time.

    23. The world's first convertible rickshaw driver.

    24. And the world's first mooving van.

    25. And the world's first air-conditioned motorcycle.

    26. And the world's first goatorcylist.

    27. These priests who know that drunkenness is godliness.

    28. And this one, who has a pending friend request to god.

    29. This beach-goer with a foolproof float.

    30. This family, enjoying their first bike ride together.

    31. And this one.

    32. This kid, committed to singlehandedly solving water scarcity.

    33. This cyclist taking a shipment of extreme adorableness to school.

    34. These gola sellers who should be opening a branch in Silicon Valley any day now.

    35. This riveted audience member at India's first Formula 1 Grand Prix.

    36. These cows who take their grooming seriously.

    37. The driver responsible for this impeccable parking job.

    38. This big, happy family who believes in getting cozy.

    39. And this perfect summary of Indian bureaucracy.