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23 Times Ron Swanson Was Inarguably Right About The World

"There is only one bad word: Taxes."

1. This pep talk.

2. This party-planning advice.

3. This alcohol edu.

4. This social etiquette clarification.

5. This ranking of the two worst things ever.

6. This leadership tip.

7. This fact about humanity.

8. On recognizing merit.

9. This anti-birthday rant.

10. This well-meaning analysis of ambition.

11. This discourse on education.

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12. This declaration of healthy body image.

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13. This easy determinant of whether or not you should drink clear alcohols.

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14. This description of the ideal friendship.

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15. This secret to having an award winner's attitude.

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16. This comprehensive handbook to life.

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17. This description of salads.

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18. This mindset toward yoga.

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19. This declaration of independence.

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20. This economical delineation.

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21. This observation about expletives.

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22. This social counseling.

23. And this definitive stance on vegetarianism.

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