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What Your Couch Formation Says About How You Watch Basketball

The only way you really need to set up your basketball-watching experience is with Reese's and Coke Zero. Make sure to pick them up at Target.

1. The "He's Not With Us" Formation:

2. The "Mixed Emotions" Formation:

3. The "GET OUT" Formation:

4. The "Lone Wolf" Formation:

5. The "Why Are You Even Here?" Formation:

6. The "Nosebleed" Formation:

7. The "Conga Line" Formation:

8. The "Pillow on a Cold Hardwood Floor" Formation:

9. The "I Can't Watch" Formation:

10. The "Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?" Formation:

11. The "Kale in Every Meal" Formation:

12. The "Welcome to the Future" Formation:

13. The "Smartest Human Alive" Formation:

There's only one way to get the perfect basketball-watching experience: