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12 Reasons You Should Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

Sometimes a spade isn't always a spade.

1. This is not a set of mops:


It is a dynamic duo of doggos dashing for their Sunday treat.

2. This is not a flower giving birth to a baby flower:

Serena / (CC BY -SA 2.0) / Via Flickr: zenera

It's a radiant representation of "the circle of life."

(Sorry lil' bugger.)

3. This is not a pile of leaves:


It's a playful pupper living its best life.

4. This is not a patch of grass:


It's a feisty little girl gettin' her exfoliation on.

5. This is not a bread box:


It's a comfy cat who realizes he has work, but still has 20 left to sleep.

6. This is not a hole in a tree:


It's a humble hootie owl dozing off in her coveted slumber palace.

7. This is not a hat:


It's a hunky Husky happy to be close to its owner.

8. This is not a cozy spot for you to lounge:


It's a sleepy Sally ready for her Sunday snuggle and snooze.

9. This is not a deserted hill: / Via

It's a majestic mound of billy goat buddies.

10. This is not a leaf:


It's a photogenic Phyllium giganteum showing us her good side.

11. This is not an old tire:


It's a MacGyver Mouse who learned some good tips from Tom and Jerry.

12. This is not a vampire:

Rosita Choque / (CC BY -SA 2.0) / Via Flickr: r0sita

It's a silly spaniel working on her angels.

This is not a lump of coal:

Woke up like this. #ThankYou #AllTreesAreBeautiful

It's a delicious Reese's Christmas Tree.

Besides, what really matters is what lies within.

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