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20 Things You Should Stop Apologizing For

First and foremost, stop being sorry for saying sorry.

BuzzFeed, ThinkStock

1. Blocking anyone who posts wedding and/or baby photos 24/7.

Thinkstock, 3

"I'm just over trying to gain my cat's respect. Please chill."


The Crazy Cat Lady

2. Laughing when you see Sharon struggling with the printer for the 50th time.

Garox Studio / / Via

One day. One day she will figure it out...and your life will never be the same.

3. Or when you're able to pull off an epic spook.

PrankAndSpank / / Via

Look how spooked he is! Who doesn't love a good ol'-fashioned spook-and-scream.

4. Excluding that one friend from brunch who grams way too much.

Courtesy of Meredith Day

You can only take so many photos of mimosas and food.

5. Being mad when the wedding doesn't have catering.


You have shelled out hundreds and are being forced to sit with old high school acquaintances. Do you know what foie gras is? No. Do you want it. Ab-so-lutely!

6. Spending your family holiday deep in an Instagram binge.


You can only be asked "What are you going to do with your life" or "When are you going to get married?" so many times... Bai IRL, hello URL. ✌

7. Going all out with your Halloween costume.

Courtesy of Mandy Caruso

Yeah, sure it's a lot of work. But nothing can beat the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment when you're showered with compliments and group shots at the party.

8. Wearing the same disgusting jersey during the playoffs.

Inosemarine / / Via

It's playoff season, and you'd be a lunatic to wash your lucky jersey.

9. Not knowing or caring what fashion week is.

Genius! Shimura Zoo / Via

"If it isn't cute little animals in cute little clothes doing cute little walks, I don't want to hear about it."

10. Binge-watching TV until sunrise...

Nyanko Papipapi /! / Via

Just one more episode, you said. You'll be in bed before 1 a.m., you said.

11. ...and then calling in sick the next morning because you just literally can't.


Welp...guess you can start Season 3 now.

12. Eating cold pizza for bed.

[a.d.] / (CC BY 2.0) / Via Flickr: tanais

"It's my life / It's now or never / I ain't gonna live forever."

*takes bite*

13. Wearing sweatpants in public.

New Line Cinema / Via

They are comfy, you are comfy — what's the issue?

14. Purposely ruining your family's holiday photo.

Courtesy of Chris Unera

"If I'm going to wear this dumb sweater, I am absolutely going to make this dumb face."

15. Not texting that person back.

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

"You can text and text and text, but I still won't respond. #ByeFelicia"

16. Making Thursdays your own tropical-themed days.


"I'll have it done by EOD boss, but I gotta go — my brain ship is departing to Tahiti in T-minus 10 seconds. Malama pono, bro."

17. Ignoring you parent's call when you're out having fun.

Tadatoshi Fujimaki / Via

"I'm not in jail. I'm not in the hospital. I can talk to you tomorrow." *end call*

18. Faking a family emergency to backpack in Europe.


You only live once, right?

19. Telling your friend you think they're hot.

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

They are hot, and you're merely stating a common observation. It's not like you're telling them you have a crush on them...yet.

20. Dressing your cat up as a taco.


She's cute, and tacos are awesome. CAN YOU LIVE?!

Definitely never apologize for enjoying a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. They're delicious.