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15 Foodie-Themed Stocking Stuffers That Will Make You Drool

It's that time of year again! Got a food lover in your life? Fill their stocking with something scrumptious, and don't forget the REESE'S Cups!

1. Let's start stuffing those those stockings with pizza keychains for your whole family:


Everyone gets a slice!

2. Your BFF is going to love this mug:


It's rule #1, after all.

3. This watch will tell the world when it's time to eat:


The time is now, guys.

4. How about a delectable-looking linzer torte magnet?


It's going to look so cute on your mom's fridge.

5. Or maybe some mini waffle earrings?


Look how the butter is cut into hearts!

6. Your favorite aunt will want to take a bite of this macaron stamp:


So regal!

7. Pastry tart-inspired Christmas ornaments for next year's tree are too good to pass up:


Just look at how charming they are!

8. A younger family member will be in luck when they find some sweet-smelling crayons:


Santa even smells like a vanilla cookie!

9. Peanut butter lip balm is perfect for the nut lover in your life:


This will become their new obsession.

10. Who wouldn't want a cupcake candle???


Light that baby up!

11. Someone will be able to doodle for hours in these sweet little notebooks:


Those prints are adorable!

12. Just make sure to pair them with these candy-inspired pens:


It's smooth sailing from here.

13. Do not pass up the opportunity to give someone a pair of doughnut earrings:


Because, duh!

14. These watermelon beanies will keep heads nice and warm:


They're also very stylish.

15. And finally, nail decals for the pizza lover on your list:


Hold the anchovies.

Need another idea? How about a REESE'S One Pound Peanut Butter Cup?

c/o Hershey's

It'll make someone's year!

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