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    17 Cross Stitch Patterns For Your Sassy Home

    The days of the "God Bless This Home" cross stitch are long gone.

    1. Just a friendly reminder

    2. Let your visitors know how you really feel

    3. For the Girl's fan in everyone's life

    4. Remember the good old days

    5. A pattern for those of you who did the Vagina Monologues back in college

    6. Honey Badger don't care where you hang this cross stitch

    7. Perfect for the guest bathroom or in-law apartment

    8. Don't be afraid to let your favorite memes become art in your home

    9. Don't be afraid to mix old and new with rap lyrics

    10. Even the Grumpy Cat can't hate this pattern

    11. Remind your visitors to expand their horizons

    12. For those who caught bronchitius this winter

    13. Have a little fawn with this cross stitch!

    14. Get your zen on with this pattern!

    15. Ever want to make artwork that combindes your love of Elton John and breakfast?

    16. Channel your inner Leslie Knope

    17. Show some binary love in your computer room