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    20 Things That Prove "Moulin Rouge" And "The Great Gatsby" Are Basically The Same Movie

    It's science.

    1. Star-crossed lovers

    2. Dapper, penniless gentlemen

    3. Dramatic, beautiful free spirits

    4. Scumbag men who hold all the power

    5. Passionate embraces

    6. Extravagant shindigs

    7. Emo writers who like to wear hats

    8. Diamonds!

    9. Brilliantly lit cityscapes

    10. Wackadoodle jesters

    11. Swoon-worthy kisses

    12. Dazzling headpieces

    13. Modern music + period piece story

    14. Bloody, dramatic deaths

    15. Strange insider/outsider character

    16. Debauchery under the influence


    18. Scantily-clad dancers

    19. Sad pretties

    20. Lost hope