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5 Struggles Every Kent Student Knows.

The struggles of studying at Kent... with solutions! Vote Ruth #1 President in the Kent Union elections!

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1. When you can't stay awake in lectures...


A 20 minute nap between lectures is proven to give you more energy for the rest of the day!

2. You need a nap room on campus!

I want to create a nap room where you can go and chill out, sleep and relax while on campus.

3. When you spend the rest of your money on printing...


Printing is a huge hidden cost of studying.

4. You need free printing!


UEA and King's College London have free printing options and I want to implement it at Kent!

5. When you aren't allowed to take your coffee in the library...


Why? Just why?

6. we need to change the rules!


You should be able to get takeaway cups from the library cafe and bring in your own coffee - we need help to study!

7. When you have nowhere to heat up food...

8. You need microwaves on campus!


You shouldn't have to pay for a hot meal on campus, I want to bring microwaves to campus so that you can save money and still have a good meal!

9. When you missed a lecture and it hasn't been recorded...


10. We need lecture capture!


Even if you're in your lectures you can't concentrate 100% of the time, we need to ensure all lectures are

11. Vote now at

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