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20 Ways To Boss Your First Day In The Office

It's your first day there and you need to knock it outta the park. Here are some top tips to make everyone love you on your first day, courtesy of

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4. Make a seating chart of people so you don't forget their names.

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It's basically like having a superpower in which you make everyone like you. They don't need to know you were a major nerd who wrote it down.

9. Don't get too drunk at the pub when everyone takes you out for your first day.

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You can delete a video of you twerking, but you can't wipe a human's memory.

15. Try the commute a week before you start so you know exactly how long it will take.


Being late on your first day is super bad and it'll only make you feel even MORE nervous.

Find your new excellent job on then go forth and make a tea-round.

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