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Creepy Old Man Freaks Out Chatters

If you haven't seen his videos already, Edarem does these youtubes of himself singing along to songs. The old man is creepy as they come. The best part is the stuff I found out about him after doing research on him. Edarem is currently in jail for violating probation because of the youtubes he made. He didnt do anything wrong in the actual youtube videos but being on the internet was one of the terms of his probation. Now what would someone have to do to be ordered to stay off the internet? He is a convicted sex offender and was convicted in the 80's for diddling a 13 year old boy. He used to host a child show back in the 70's as well. Currently he is serving a 5 year sentence and will most likely die alone in jail LoL. People are actually trying to get him out of jail so he can make more videos. This youtube clip has his face on a loop while people randomly link up for a video chat. The expressions on some people are hilarious. I was more blown away how people just randomly video chat, how fucking lonely are you?

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