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When The Confusing Philosophies Of "True Detective" Actually Make Sense

Season two can try to have head scratchers this deep without McConaughey.

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Rust Cohle says a lot of things. A lot of profoundly perplexing things.

But that doesn't stop him from dropping truth bombs all the time.

In fact, when his abstractions are decoded into everyday language, they actually make more sense than you'd think.

Translation: "The Ambien hits me weird and hard."

His dreams probably aren't for the faint of heart...

Translation: "Our carbon footprint is ravaging the planet."

Who knew Rust Cohle was an environmentalist?

Translation: "Staring contests can be meaningful."

More meaningful than winning the dry-eyed trophy.

Translation: "The sun will come out tomorrow."

Or something like that?

Translation: "What happened last night?"

Because there's no way he knows.

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