9 Easy Ways To Improve Your Hand-Eye Coordination

Bad at sports? Can’t hit a target, even when it’s right in front of you? Sounds like you need to work on your hand-eye coordination. Here are some fun tricks to help you impress all your friends, inspired by Reebok’s ATV19 — which are made to keep you on your feet.

Want to be like this?

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1. Well, start by coloring in a coloring book!

Gail Garciaaaaaa / Via instagram.com

Staying inside the lines trains your hands to respond to what your eyes see, which in turn helps you master precision.

Are you terrible at catching?

2. Play some video games.

Analea Styles / Via Flickr: 87373355@N03

This is kind of a no-brainer, but video games are a notorious way to improve your hand-eye coordination and build reflexes. In fact, surgeons practice their dexterity by gaming.

Perhaps your aim is really off?

3. Try Jenga!

b_rocz / Via instagram.com

True, Jenga might be the most anxiety-inducing game we always immediately regret playing, BUT it does wonders for our hand-eye skills. Also, giant Jenga really ups the ante.

Do you try so hard, but you always miss your target?

4. Try playing catch.

Quinn Dombrowski / Via Flickr: 53326337@N00

Whacking a ball with a bat is great for sharpening your depth perception, and catching a ball is too. So close, little buddy!

Would your friends consider you maladroit?

5. Work on a jigsaw puzzle.

Rach Longridge / Via instagram.com

Putting together a jigsaw puzzle strengthens your analytical and reasoning skills. Bonus points if you do it with a dog spying on you.

Are you really clumsy with your hands?

6. Attempt an operation…

qmoore08 / Via instagram.com

…But only the board game kind. This game will basically force you to become more coordinated, since no one likes the horrible buzzing.

Have trouble staying on your feet?

7. Box.

25_8fitness / Via instagram.com

Not only will boxing get you in great shape (and what is hand-eye coordination without excellent endurance?), but it will also build your reflexes. Hit a moving bag to really amp up your skills.

Can anything throw off your focus?

8. Throw darts.

Kevin Ho / Via instagram.com

Throwing darts can be a serious talent. Time spent chucking these bad boys can get you insane aim and make you totally hot.

Do you have a really slow reaction time?

9. Play Whac-A-Mole of course!

Ryan Boren / Via Flickr: 27822548@N00

Possibly the most fun way to dominate at hand-eye coordination.

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