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13 Runners Who Are Doing It Wrong

Runners are poised and graceful beings—dominant amongst the human race. So what happened with these people!? Run with Reebok's ATV19 shoe so you don't end up like these poor souls.

1. Running priority #1: Looking.

2. Nice save.

3. There is a list of things wrong here.

4. Running priority #2: Look out for ghosts.

5. This is what happens when you gloat.

6. The universe sent that ball as if to say, "You're an idiot."

7. The first problem here is that the treadmill is TINY.

8. Running priority #3: No crumping.

9. Wall does it again.

10. But the''re running on...just why?

11. Dog: "Ha ha, sabotage complete."

12. Sorry, buddy, just nope.

13. Did she even try to jump?