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14 Signs Basketball Is More Of A Lifestyle Than A Game

If you love basketball in all its forms, it starts to permeate every aspect of your life. Here are 14 signs you're hooked, brought to you by Reebok Basketball.

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1. You look at every wastebasket and see a hoop.

JUrquhart / BuzzFeed

2. You evaluate your favorite bands by the height of their vertical leap.

3. And are always improving your own vertical.

4. You seize every opportunity to make a behind-the-back no-look pass.

JUrquhart / BuzzFeed

5. And practice trick passes in your spare time.

6. This is your idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon... and Sunday afternoon.

7. And you're prepared for every imaginable type of shot.

8. This is how most people see their pets:

This is what you see:

9. This is your delusional fantasy of a girlfriend.

Guy Code / MTV / Via

10. And this is your delusional fantasy of a pet.

Air Bud / Disney / Via

11. This is how you spend your summers by the pool.

12. You're always going hard... even at the arcade.

13. You're not ashamed to go hard at any family member who gets in your way.

14. And you set brutal picks... ALWAYS.*

JUrquhart / BuzzFeed

*Yeah, this is a moving pick, but you only get that call in college and the pros.

Whether it's on the court or in daily life, you keep grinding. #GameRecognizeGame