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Jennifer Lawrence's New Movie "Red Sparrow" Will Blow Your Mind


Are you sitting down? Because this is big news: J. Law is in a new movie called Red Sparrow. It's a SUPER intense thriller, and, TBH, you have never seen a J. Law movie like this before.

She plays Dominika, a Russian ballerina who's destined for stardom.

But after a career-ending injury, she's forced to join the Red Sparrows, a squad of elite Russian agents who seduce their targets and then steal secrets from them.

Dominika is sent off to Sparrow School, where she learns the art of weaponized seduction...

Having mastered the art of seductive and manipulative combat, she's assigned her first target: an American CIA agent in Moscow (played by Joel Edgerton).

But as she grows closer to her American target (and more mistrusting of her Russian handlers), things start to get CRAAAAAAAAAAAAZY:

TL;DR: If you like Jennifer Lawrence and non-stop, super-intense, edge-of-your-seat thrillers where you don't know what's coming next, then you're gonna LOVE Red Sparrow. It's a brand-new J. Law, baby!

Images via 20th Century Fox

Get ready — Red Sparrow arrives in theaters everywhere March 2.

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