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13 Deep Truths About Being Someone Who Loves Spicy Food

The spice life chose us.

1. You actively seek out places to eat that have super spicy food...

2. ...and you always specify "extra spicy" whenever you order.

3. You share a deep bond with others who can tolerate the same level of spice as you.

4. You secretly judge people who think jalapeños are spicy.

5. You freak out if you've run out of your favourite hot sauce.

6. You take products with different levels of spiciness as a personal challenge...

7. ...and TBH, you feel like a failure if you can't handle it.

8. Eating with your spice-intolerant friends is a struggle.

9. You have a hard time believing that some people only have one type of hot sauce at home...

10. ...or even worse, live in a spice-free household.

11. You often wonder if spice-free people have tastebuds...

12. ...but then you remember, you've probably burnt all of yours off.

13. But if we're being honest, you wouldn't have it any other way.

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