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Red Rooster Just Started Serving Fried Chicken And I Am Salivating Already

Not to ruffle any feathers, but there’s a new contender for the best fried chicken in Australia.

Is there anything better than taking that first bite into a piece of exquisitely battered, deliciously fried chicken?

Only one thing — knowing that the bite involves 100% fresh (not frozen!) Aussie chicken, that’s been prepped lovingly by locals. Which is exactly what the taste maestros over at Red Rooster have decided to bless us with.

Yes, that’s right – your go-to spot for the perfect roast chook is now also your go-to for delectable fried chicken.

At Red Rooster, every single piece of crunchy fried chicken is not only prepared fresh in-store, but the chicken itself is delivered daily too. Each tender, juicy morsel is coated and battered in their bespoke and unique recipe, which is then cooked to crunchy, golden perfection.

If you can’t quite summon the energy to leave your own home to get your chicken-fill, Red Rooster has you sorted — you can order online and they'll chauffeur the chicken straight to you.

Whether it’s snack-city or proper meal time, you can never go wrong with the wonder that is crunchy fried chicken.

Our fave homegrown chicken shop, Red Rooster, known for its iconic roast chicken, is now serving up flavour-and-texture innovation with the addition of crunchy fried chicken. Find out more about the chicken guaranteed to leave you satis-fried here.