Talk Like A Redneck In 10 Easy Steps

You don’t have to live on a farm to talk like you do. What happens when 14 red, white, and blue-collared Americans are dropped in a tropical paradise where they will compete for $100,000? Catch the premiere of Redneck Island on Saturday, November 10th. 9/8c, only on CMT.

1. Artery

Definition: creative skill or ability

“Billy shore is talented at artery; give that boy a paintbrush and he’s a deadgum Mikey Langelo.”

2. Backup

Definition: to regain once’s balance after consuming a few too many cans of Busch.

“That dang ol’ Ronny was so drunk he fell down and almost couldn’t get backup again.”

3. Bard

Definition: to have taken and used something with the intention of returning it.

“Yup, Leeroy bard my car a few hours ago, but I’m not too sure what fer.”

4. Cedar

Definition: a past-tense variation of “saw her.”

“Yer wife? I think I just cedar in the muddin’ pit.”

5. Fester

Definition: to move at high speed.

“If yew wanna win truck tug-o-war ya gotta drive fester‘n that, city slicker.”

6. Impotent

Definition: having high rank or status.

“Yew see the size of the wheels on that boy’s car? He must be a real impotent character, I tell ya h’wat.”

7. Innuendo

Definition: in, or through, a glass pane traditionally reserved for viewing.

“Ol’ Hank tried to jump over that junker in the yard with his four-wheeler but got stuck innuendo.”

8. Nascar

Definition: a high-quality automobile.

“That’s a really nascar yew got there, boy; she shore is a beaut.”

9. Otter

Definition: indicating duty or obligation.

“That boy otter know better than ta handle a gun like that.

10. Water

Definition: to inquire about somebody’s status, often in a surprised manner.

“Yew ain’t heard the sweet sounds of hick-hop hero Krispy Kreme? Water ya, musically ignert?

Now yer speakin' with sass.

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