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12 Signs Cheddar Bay Biscuits Are Your Cheddar Bae

There are no three words in the English language more delicious than Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Show your love by visiting Red Lobster during Lobsterfest and let the seafood, biscuits, and good times flow.

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1. You don't like to go anywhere without them.

Sarah Stone / Buzzfeed

Wallet, phone, keys, biscuit.

2. From the moment you wake up, you're thinking about your one true love.

g-stockstudio / / Via Red Lobster


3. Breaking bread is your favorite part of any day.

Red Lobster

4. And you cherish every little bit of your cheddar bae.

Sarah Stone / Buzzfeed

Waste not, want not.

5. In fact, not an hour goes by when you don't think about them.

Stuart Jenner / / Via Red Lobster

6. You get very emotional when you realize you're down to your last biscuit.

Sarah Stone / Buzzfeed

"This can't be the end! It can't!"

7. Every day, your love for them grows stronger.

8. You're not very good at sharing.

Sarah Stone / Buzzfeed

It's hard to stop being so possessive when your bae is so desirable.

9. You even have them on your phone background so everyone knows you're serious.

Tatiana Kostenko / / Via Red Lobster

10. They light up even your darkest days.

AlinaMD / / Via Red Lobster

11. It just wouldn't be a complete evening without them.

Andrey Popov / / Via Red Lobster

12. Actually, your life just wouldn't be complete without them.

ssuaphotos / / Via Red Lobster

Nothing is quite as #Lobsterworthy as love. Be sure to head to Red Lobster before April 12 for special dishes and promotions during Lobsterfest.