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12 Everyday Life Moments Worth Celebrating

Celebrate the big and the little things in life. To commemorate them, head to Red Lobster, where every occasion is worthy of lobster.

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1. When somebody compliments your outfit.

Good Night, Nurse! / Comique Film Company / Via

Oh, this ol' thing...? Nah! Stop it! But keep going though.

2. Smashing your personal record on the treadmill.

3. Finding cash on the ground.

Mmm... Free money...

4. Making it to work 10 minutes early.

Discovery Channel / Via

Early bird gets the worm!

5. Running into an old friend on the street.

Easy A / Screen Gems / Via


6. Checking your bank account after a weekend of partying and realizing you aren't broke. / Via


7. Receiving mail that's not a bill.

8. Getting every green light on your commute...

Top Gear / BBC Worldwide / Via

9. ...or when you get to the station right in time for your train. / Via

There really is no better feeling.

10. Getting out of bed without snoozing your alarm once.

Glee / Fox / Via

You did it. You really did it. Next-level waking achieved.

11. Realizing you've accomplished everything on your to-do list.

Family Weekend / Footprint Features / Via

12. Welcoming a new family member. / Via

Because more family members means more birthdays and other fun things to celebrate!

Some moments in life deserve the delicious taste of lobster. Red Lobster is the perfect place to celebrate all your #lobsterworthy occasions.

Be sure to head there before April 12 for special dishes and promotions during Lobsterfest.