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  • The Bus Shelters Of Næstved, Denmark

    Naestved is a smallish provincial town in Denmark with around 45.000 citizens. It’s not a place one goes to, it’s a place you come from. Most inhabitants are families with kids who grow up to leave the town to go live and study in Copenhagen which isn’t that far away. The inner city life is slowly dying due to a large mall drawing all the business to the outskirts of the city, and overall Naestved has a reputation for being kind of “bland” and uninteresting. Nothing ever happens in Naestved. But enter CMP ONE. Born and raised in this rural town, CMP ONE was one of the firstmovers in Danish hip hop culture and is know a hardcore silverback. Besides being one of the most inspiring and friendly human beings on the face of the earth, CMP is an amazing artist. And he brings life to this city, not only by his own hands (painting enormous pieces and even making an entire graphic novel painted on walls around the city) but also by bringing street artists from all over the world to this small, provincial town in Denmark. We have amazing, world-class artwork featured on harbour silos in the industrial area, walls that no-one sees unless they make a shortcut through dodgy back alleys, even on bus sheds that’s only used by 10 people far outside the city limits. You can turn a corner and suddenly be surprised by some giant piece that wasn’t there a week ago. All because of CMP ONE, who singlehandedly reaches out for artists in his amazing network and makes them travel halfway around the globe to put color into a grey Naestved.

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