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10 Stages Of Clubbing In NYC On Halloween

Being in college, I have a love/hate relationship with celebrating Halloween in the city via the club. It's very different than your typical college Halloween experience. I'm sure all my fellow NYC college student's can #relate.

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1. What is planning?

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Usually for a night out in New York City, you decide literally hours before where you're going. And even then you can change your mind last minute. So when promoters and events start selling tickets a MONTH in advanced, it's a little ridiculous. Like no, not going to commit to something that far in advance, the club might not even be poppin that night.

2. Price to Party

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When you finally decide to go out on your last limb for an event, you look up tickets and the CHEAPEST one is $50. Excuse me, what? Do they know most of their clientel are broke college students? You're paying fifty dollars to experience the same thing you've experienced from the start of your club career. *Sighs, you hesitantly agree to do it because Halloween only happens once a year.

3. Finding the perfect Club "Costume"

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So you finally drop your entire savings on that $50 club ticket, but now a new problem arises. The costume. The ultimate struggle is now upon you, as you need to look club material. It's not like you can show up in a ketchup bottle costume. The struggle between wanting to look fleeky, but not like a complete prostitute is TOO real.

4. Oh, forgot it's pretty much Winter

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Oh, so you found that sexy but modest costume? You better WORK. It's now the big night! You and your best girlfriends leave for the club and the millisecond you step out of the warm comfort of your apartment, you realize you're stepping into the point of absolutely no return. The wind hits you at astonishing speed and your legs go numb. Making your way to the club is the equivalent of walking through a blizzard. You best have the Uber lined up before you get frostbite.

5. Drinks where you at?

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You finally arrive to the club, manage to get the clutch bouncer who gives you no problem, and make you're way past the sea of people. Claustrophobia is at an all time high. You manage to squeeze to your promoters table, where a solid 1,000 other people are currently at. Yay! You look down and the bottles are empty. Great, so now you're stuck standing around all of these drunk humans for an undefined amount of time.

6. It's LIT

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Luckily the table gets restocked approximately after only have to be salty for 10 minutes. Additionally, you managed to rotate into the booth! You proceed to groove with your girls and you eventually get up to dance. Now you can enjoy yourself and take plentiful pics for the gram and videos for the snap. This is LIVING. But wait...

7. Are we at EDC?

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So now it's time for the night to begin but there's just one issue. An hour passes and this DJ is electronic trash. Every song sounds the same and your ear drums are definitely ringing. Can we at least get a little something from Top 40? They haven't even played OOOUUU (a club anthem tbh). Is this a joke? PASS THE AUX HOMES.

8. Mask the Pain

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Okay so the music sucks, it's crowded af, and you're feet hurt. BUT, you're going to get your money's worth out of this night. So you pretend to love every single bass drop you hear. You feel like taking 10 shots at once to mask the pain, but decide you better not as you're internship is at 9 a.m. the next morning. Approximately 30 minutes before leaving, the DJ comes to his senses and plays the jams( of course OOOUUU comes on, yaaaaas!). This night has really turned around, even just for a half hour.

9. Hallelujah!

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It's 3 a.m and you've experienced the most fun the club has to offer. All this dancing as worked up an appetite. You approach what is possibly the best part of the night: DOLLAR PIZZA. Though it's not really dollar pizza because Artichoke lowkey costs and arm and a leg. But it's OK, it's worth it. You remind yourself how much you've been through tonight, you deserve this boo.

10. Was it Worth it?

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You wake up the next morning tired and rushing to your internship. Your Instagram got the most likes you've ever gotten & your Snapstory is pretty much legendary. You recall the night and can't believe you spent $50 and stressed 10 years off your life span for that. Ugh, you think you'll never do that again, then realize your lying because you most definitely will. You can't not experience Halloween in the club at least once every fall season. It's okay, you can spend actual Halloween at your friends colleges since NYC Halloween parties start October 1st anyways.

Halloween festivities: slayed and conquered for yet another year. Until next time!

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