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9 Super-Easy Halloween Costumes Made With Household Supplies

This is exactly what you need if you don’t have your ish together for Hween.

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2. Stick Figure

You’ll need: a white shirt, white pants, scissors, black electrical tape, paper plate, a few rubber bands


- Spread your white outfit on the floor and “draw” the shape of a stick figure using the electrical tape on the front and back of the outfit

- Make a smiley face on the paper plate with the tape and cut two holes where the eyes should be for the mask

- Poke two holes above the ear area of the plate

- Cut a few rubber bands so they become strings instead of loops

- Thread the rubber bands through the holes of the plate and tie them together

- Use more rubber bands if you’d like a looser fit and fewer if you’d like a tighter fit

3. Sexy Ghost

You’ll need: a white bedsheet, marker, scissors, bikini or Speedo


- Drape the bedsheet over yourself and hem it so that it just covers your feet

- Have someone mark where your eyes are

- Remove the sheet and cut two holes for your eyes

- Put on your bikini or Speedo over the sheet

6. Cat Lady

You’ll need: a pair of house slippers; a bathrobe; a few small, stuffed cats; hot glue; a comb


- Glue cats to bathrobe

- Put on the bathrobe and slippers

- Tease your hair with a comb until it’s sufficiently crazy

7. Formal Apology

You’ll need: a fancy suit or a fancy dress, white cardstock, a marker, string, scissors


- Write “Sorry” in fancy cursive on the cardstock

- Puncture two small holes in the top two corners of the cardstock

- Thread a long piece of string through the two holes to create a necklace

- Wear it over your fancy outfit and adjust the length to your preference

8. When Life Gives You Lemons

You’ll need: a white T-shirt, a permanent marker, a bag of lemons


- Write “LIFE” in large letters on the front of the shirt

- Carry around the bag of lemons to pass out to people

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All illustrations by Lyla Ribot / ©BuzzFeed.