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13 Interesting Burgers You Should Make This Summer

Let yourself have an incredibly flavorful summer and dare to live different with REDD'S Apple Ale.

1. Cubano-Style Cheeseburger

2. Teriyaki Piña Colada Burger

3. Roasted Poblano Chipotle Cheddar Burger

4. Over-the-Top Burger

5. Grilled Asian Pork Burger

6. Tillamook Bacon Cheeseburger

7. Asian Salmon Burger

8. Falafel Burgers With Tzatziki

9. Brazilian Burger With Egg

10. Harissa Burger

11. Grass-Fed Burger With Zucchini and Sauerkraut

12. Italian Burger

13. Not to be mistaken with this LASAGNA BURGER.

What can we say? Burgers are good. Pair 'em with a crisp and refreshing REDD'S Apple Ale.