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13 Interesting Burgers You Should Make This Summer

Let yourself have an incredibly flavorful summer and dare to live different with REDD'S Apple Ale.

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3. Roasted Poblano Chipotle Cheddar Burger

Courtesy of A Southern Fairy Tale / Via

In our opinion, poblano and chipotle should embark in a lifelong romance, allow themselves to be photographed by paparazzi at basketball games, sail across Santorini, feed each other pastries on a Parisian terrace on a cloudy April evening, and never let themselves be without the other ever, 'cause let us tell you: These two are bomb together. Especially in this burger.

4. Over-the-Top Burger

Courtesy of Oh Sweet Basil / Via

Sometimes a mango-flaunting, guac-parading burger like this one comes along and reminds us that, yes, life is good. No, well, not "good" — life is a finger-licking, heart-stopping, awe-inspiring, burger-filled paradise.

6. Tillamook Bacon Cheeseburger

Courtesy of Oh Sweet Basil / Via

Dear BuzzFeed reader,

Let us introduce you to your new favorite burger. It has french fries, bacon, and sharp cheddar (on top of a ridiculously juicy piece of meat), plus the queen of all sauces: mayo, BBQ, paprika, chili, black pepper, dijon, and a little salt and pepper. We'll give you a moment to digest that.

7. Asian Salmon Burger

Courtesy of Heather Christo / Via

Maybe you're trying to cut back on red meat. Maybe you're trying to get creative. Maybe you just want a burger that looks like a dang rainbow. Well, try this one. The spicy herb dip will blow your mind.

9. Brazilian Burger With Egg

Oh Sweet Basil / Via

This Brazilian-inspired burger borrows chorizo from Spain and welcomes avocado into its meaty world to become a scrumptiously unique concoction. Oh, yeah, and check out THAT EGG.

10. Harissa Burger

Courtesy of Feasting at Home / Via

Brioche buns are incredible: They're sweet and fluffy, and they smell really good, just like a freshly bathed puppy (except actually edible). This burger has Harissa aioli (a smoky, mouthwatering sauce made with dried chilis and mayo) spread on the brioche buns, which only makes it that much more delectable. Add pickled onions, a juicy burger patty, melted cheese, a touch of arugula, and— heck, can we just marry this burger?!

11. Grass-Fed Burger With Zucchini and Sauerkraut

Courtesy of Eye Candy Popper / Via

Sauerkraut makes everything better. Our mom could be like, "There's a bucket of old beans for dinner," and we'd be sad, but then if she ended with "....with sauerkraut," we'd instantly be more excited than Richard Simmons in a metallic leg warmer superstore. Due to our very real obsession with sauerkraut's magical powers, this burger is kickass.

12. Italian Burger

Courtesy of Cook Nourish Bliss / Via

Italian cuisine provides us with magnificent ingredients, and this incredible burger with pesto-mayo sauce proves that we owe a big ol' "grazie" to our friends on the other side of the pond.

What can we say? Burgers are good. Pair 'em with a crisp and refreshing REDD'S Apple Ale.