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12 Things You Should Throw On The Grill This Summer

Damn, if this is how they look, imagine how they’ll taste. Continue expanding your flavor horizons with REDD'S Apple Ale.

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1. Peaches 🍑 🍑 🍑

Sarah Stone / Aubree Lennon / BuzzFeed

Whatchu need:

As many peaches as you're in the mood for

Maple syrup

Some ricotta

A little cinnamon

Prep: Glaze some pit-free peaches with maple syrup. Lather the grill with some butter before throwing them on it. Cook nice and slow. Once done, top 'em with ricotta, and dust them with cinnamon.

2. A pinneaple

Sarah Stone / Aubree Lennon / BuzzFeed

Whatchu need:



Sweet condensed milk

Prep: Oil your grates, then let the pineapple slices cook for two or three minutes. Add some butter if you're into that. Once ready, drizzle cajeta and sweet condensed milk on one of the slices. Then top with another slice for a dope sandwich that will pleasantly hit your taste buds with the force of 1,000 wombats.

3. A V O C A D O S

Sarah Stone / Aubree Lennon / BuzzFeed

Watchu need:


Shredded parm


Prep: Dab your avocado with some olive oil and grill it for a bit. Throw some parm on 'em when they look about ready, and sprinkle with lime juice. Eat with a spoon, or if you're feeling, like, ~WILD BRO~, just bite straight into it.


Sarah Stone / Aubree Lennon / BuzzFeed

Watchu need:

A bunch of franks

Canned jalapeños (or fresh ones, if you prefer)

Chipotle mayo


Prep: Cut your franks and throw in some japs. Insert toothpicks through the franks, so the japs don't spill out as they cook on the grill. Once ready, squirt chipotle mayo on the buns, and voilà — you got yourself an elevated version of this BBQ staple.

5. Peppppeeeerrsssss (and make burgers with 'em)

Sarah Stone / Aubree Lennon / BuzzFeed

Watchu need:

Like, 1 lb of ground beef?? (It depends on how many people you're feeding.)

Worcestershire sauce

Cracked red pepper

Red and green peppers

Pepper jack cheese

Salt, pepper, whatever spices you cook your meat with

Prep: Mix the meat with the sauce and add some cracked red pepper, and anything else that's gonna make it delicious. Then you can grill it. Cut the peppers to best resemble a bun and send them to the grates. Once done, add some pepper jack cheese, maybe some jalapeños, or you know, whatever your burger-loving self is craving.

7. More pepperrrssss (now stuffed with chorizo queso fundido)

Sarah Stone / Aubree Lennon / BuzzFeed

Watchu need:

Chorizo (our rec is Mexican chorizo 'cause deliciousness)

Red and green peppers


Prep: Cook the chorizo in a pan. No oil or spices needed; it's flawless already. Once cooked, stuff the peppers with it and add some mozzarella. Throw on da grill. Torch if needed.

8. Watermelon

Sarah Stone / Aubree Lennon / BuzzFeed

Watchu need:


Feta cheese


Prep: Our advice is to cut the whole watermelon in big, round slices and grill them for like five minutes (drain them beforehand if they are too juicy). Once done, you can chop 'em up in smaller slices OR real tiny ones and eat 'em like cereal, straight-up. Adding feta and mint will make your taste buds LIT.

9. Bacon-wrapped onions (stuffed with spicy ground beef)

Sarah Stone / Aubree Lennon / BuzzFeed

Watchu need:

A bunch of ground beef

Serrano peppers

Your choice of mushrooms

Handful of large white onions


Your choice of spices for the meat

Prep: Cook the meat with chopped serrano peppers and mushrooms. Cut the onions in half, and grab only the two outer layer halves. Stuff them with the cooked ground beef and wrap them in bacon, using toothpicks to hold 'em together. GRILL THAT THING.

10. Cabbage

Sarah Stone / Aubree Lennon / BuzzFeed

Watchu need:

Some good ol' cababge


Onion powder, garlic salt, and pepper

Chili powder (the Mexican kind)


Prep: Cut your cabbage in half and spread some buttah on the halves, 'cause everything is better with buttah. Dust it with onion powder, plus garlic salt and pepper. Let it grill until charred (turn the heat up, baby), then squeeze some lime and cover it in chili powder. And, yeah, we know, if cabbage were a person, it might be the type to over-consume frappuccinos and post selfies adorned with dog-like features — aka 100% basic — but we guarantee this: Once you grill the thing, it's anything but.

11. Pita

Sarah Stone / Aubree Lennon / BuzzFeed

Watchu need:

1 or 2 zucchinis


Olive oil

Ricotta (optional)

Sea salt (optional)

Prep: This pizza will be elegant and simple AF. Simply cut the zucchini in thin slices and cook in a pan. Grill the pita with a little olive oil, then top it off with the cooked zucchini. Add ricotta if you wanna make it cheesy, and then sea salt for the win.

12. B-a-n-a-n-a-s

Sarah Stone / Aubree Lennon / BuzzFeed

Watchu need:

A few bananas


Graham crackers

Milk chocolate chips

White chocolate chips

Caramel popcorn

Peanut butter

Prep: Cut into the banana's skin, leaving an opening to place your ~ingredients~. Place on grill and wait until the skin turns dark, then start throwing all kinds of sweet stuff into them. (Always put in marshmallows first so they melt and then everything else sticks.) Make 'em be s'mores, mix the white chocolate chips with caramel popcorn, or mix the PJ with chocolate chips — they'll all be finger-licking good.

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