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10 Awesome Things You Didn't Know You Could Do On The Internet

Or: 10 more reasons to never turn your computer off. How would you like to commandeer a real-life apple launcher with a click of your mouse? Say hello to the REDD'S Apple Ale apple launcher, available exclusively at

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1. Play skeeball. / Via

Roll It, a browser-and-smartphone-based skeeball game from the eggheads at Google, brings you all the fun of spending a day at the carnival. But with none of the I-ate-my-entire-body-weight-in-funnel-cake ickiness.

3. Turn your browser into a kitty cat bounce castle.


Because WHY WOULD YOU NOT WANT TO DO THIS. Cat Bounce is literally the reason that the Internet was invented, and it should be mandatory to keep it open in at least one browser tab at all times.

5. Hug an Internet stranger and get hugged by an Internet stranger. / Via

We live in a world where you can do or buy pretty much anything with the click of a mouse, but there's one thing the Internet's never been able to neatly package: hugs. Well, until now. The Nicest Place On The Internet is, quite literally, just that -- a place where netizens can upload and shuffle through thousands of heartfelt nuzzles and cuddles from the comfort of their browsers.

6. Take control of a real-life apple launcher.

Ever want to blast real targets with a real apple launcher for real prizes? Then your dreams are about to come true. Introducing the REDD'S Apple Ale apple launcher, available exclusively at

8. Have your feeble mind blown.


It's a simple challenge: move your mouse anywhere in your browser window, and some random guy or gal will photobomb your cursor with insane accuracy. It's a simple challenge, and way more fun than it has any right to be.

10. Or see the world without leaving your house.


The Secret Door is an incredibly cool tool that, with the click of a button, drops users at randomly selected points across the globe, both indoors and out. One second you're in a cellar in London, the next you're crossing a rope bridge in South America. And it'll save you a whole lot on airfare, to boot.