• Reddit isn’t losing traffic

    Digg lost 1/3 of it’s visitors in April 2010 while Reddit maintains a steady stream of users. (source)

  • On Reddit, the majority rules

    On Reddit, you can vote a post up or down. Ultimately, if more people like the post than hate it, the only thing being affected is how high up the story will rank overall. On Digg, even if a story is popular, a small band of users can “bury” the topic and ensure it never makes the front page. (source)

  • Reddit gets breaking news faster

    “Breaking news really is breaking news on Reddit, not 2 day old news reheated. What is the point of this sort of system when every other site on the web has 4 variations of a story before Digg even acknowledges it?” (source)

  • Reddit has a cuter logo

    Who could dislike this lil guy?

  • Arbitrary Day

    Reddit celebrates the arbitrary holiday, Arbitrary Day with a site wide massive gift swap between users. Anything with a poster this awesome will succeed on the interwebz.

  • Most of what’s on Digg was on Reddit the day before

    Yeah, I went there.

  • No flashing ads that take over your whole screen and play obnoxious audio tracks

    Seriously. Do you have any idea how annoying that is?

  • Reddit allows for actual discussions between users

    Digg’s commentors are notoriously elitist, sexist, and misogynistic. A great (somewhat NSFW) example can be found here.

  • Reddit has more unique merchandise

    Reddit sells soap! Adorable, alien soap!

  • The rest of the internet thinks Reddit is better