12 Signs You Eat Too Much On Thanksgiving

Firsts and seconds and thirds and fourths and…

1. You sit at the kids’ table because the adults judge you.

2. You have a special pair of pants with an extra large elastic waist. They only come out once a year.

NBC / Via funnyshare.org

3. Multiple people claim they spot you in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade every year.

4. You’re responsible for a slight change in the earth’s orbit.

5. You blend your meal for faster consumption.

6. Hibernating isn’t just for bears. We’ll see you in April.

Buena Vista Pictures / Via reactiongifs.com

7. You don’t believe in leftovers.

8. One pound per person? Better make it five.

9. That’s no tan. That’s ham glaze.

10. You keep a local significant other around just to visit two different houses.

FOX / Via reddit.com

11. You have to loosen the buckle on your belt. And your watch. And your bike helmet.

12. And you’ve been known to go back for thirds. Twenty-thirds.

Inspired by Red Bull and the origin of the Thanksgiving Turkey.

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