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The Gamer In You Is Going To Be Hyped For These Red Bull "PAC-MAN" Mazes

A most unholy alliance.

Gamers! Are you ready to see what happens when PAC-MAN gets wings?

No, this is not some kind of cheat code. PAC-MAN and Red Bull have partnered to create something awesome! Ready?

First, look at this classically retro Red Bull can!

Now, look under the tab on that limited-edition Red Bull can and get a code that unlocks custom Red Bull World Mazes in the PAC-MAN app!

Oh, you didn't know about the PAC-MAN app?

OK, so the PAC-Man app puts all the nostalgic fun of the old PAC-MAN games right into your phone!

It's got all the classic levels of the original games — but also tons of crazy, cool new ones!

And that code under the tab can get you access to three all-new Red Bull World Mazes.!

Also, if you come across a Red Bull can in the maze...let's just say it will revitalize PAC-MAN himself in a decidedly extra way.

To recap: Red Bull and PAC-MAN are together at last, bringing gamers a uniquely nostalgic experience, and we're here for it!

All images courtesy of Red Bull and PAC-MAN.

Head to your local retailer to grab a limited-edition PAC-MAN can (available in 8.4 ounces, 12 ounces, 4-pack, and 12-pack), download the PAC-MAN app (App Store and Google Play), and enter the code under the tab in the app to unlock Red Bull World Mazes!