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13 Dogs That Might As Well Be Humans

Doggy daycare not necessary.

1. This spaniel that cares for his fellow four-legged friends:

2. This master of yoga:

3. And this master of squats:

4. This beast that just found his beauty:

5. This bull that's built for speed:

6. This Border collie that will beat you at Yahtzee:

7. And this collie that can kickflip:

8. This dog that can lead a horse to water:

9. And this dog that can wait while its human plays in the water:


10. This lab report manager:

11. This pup whose skills are too advanced for fetch:

12. This dog that has no problem setting the table:

13. This bulldog that doesn't care what you want to watch:

And this dog that doesn't need his own stinkin' door:

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