13 Dogs That Bit Off More Than They Could Chew

It’s time to learn to choose your battles.

1. This dog that picked the wrong blanket to steal:

2. This lab that needs to find a new drinking fountain:

3. This dog that just wants to return this box to the man who dropped it off:

4. This puppy that gets a bit excited sometimes:

5. This terrified best lil buddy:

6. This dog that decided to try out the bouncy castle:

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via andgodsaidlettherebelights.tumblr.com

7. This pug that started a game of slappy hands:

8. This extremely frustrated greeting dog:

9. This bull that just can’t right now, so stop:

10. This puppy that just wanted to play ball:

11. And this dog that needs to pick on a ball his own size:

12. This puppy that ended up on the wrong end of a kiddy pool:

13. This retriever that has a bone to pick with his door:

“Doggy door? Are you serious?”

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