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11 Party Fouls That We've All Committed

Don't penalize #TeamPizza by not having a Red Baron Pizza on February 7!


1. Illegal Hands to the Toppings:

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The act of picking at pizza toppings that are on a slice one does not intend to eat.

2. Unnecessary Spillage:

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The unwarranted spilling of a beverage on another guest.

3. False Start:

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The commencement of eating prior to permission being granted to the party as a whole.

4. Ineligible Guest Encroachment:

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Either (a) the deliberate attending of a party where there was not a proper invitation or (b) the bringing of a plus-one without the consent of party host.

5. Crust Infraction:

Thinkstock // Dan4th Nicholas (CC BY:2.0) Flickr: dan4th

The incomplete eating of pizza crust and the subsequent savaging of their remains in one centralized location.

6. Intentional Costume Misplacement:

Thinkstock // Caiaimage/Tom Merton / Getty Images

The act of putting zero effort in obtaining a costume for a COSTUME party.

7. Roughing the Glassware:

Thinkstock // Laura (CC BY:2.0) Flickr: tigergirl

The circumstantial breaking of beverage glassware in a high-traffic area.

8. Running out of Ice:

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During the course of the party, the hostess's supply of ice is diminished.

9. Illegal Slice Procedure:

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The act of grabbing the last slice without asking if any other parties were interested in the same said slice.

10. Music Interference:

Thinkstock // Rosie Ross (CC BY:2.0) Flickr: rosie_vs_andre

The impeding of good vibes by the stoppage of music throughout the course of the party.

11. Illegal Waste Procedure:

Thinkstock // Steven Lilley (CC BY-SA:2.0) Flickr: sk8geek

The act of not disposing trash upon completion of meal.

What other party penalties have you made? Comment below!

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Courtesy of Red Baron Pizza