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20 Of The Most Cringe-Worthy Fails In The History Of Word Placement

Be prepared to shake your head in disappointment... or laugh.

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1. This magazine cover.

2. And this newspaper's front page.

3. This poorly placed advertisement.

4. The timing of this ticker.


5. This stack.

6. This disaster.

7. This Q&A.

8. This troubling sign.

9. This awesome bowling ad.

10. This post workout power move.

11. This poor, poor man.

12. This restroom!

13. This poorly planned ad.

14. This depressing series of billboards.

15. This terrible ad placement.

16. And this not-so-strategic ad placement.

17. The website for the South Lake Union Trolley.

18. This building.

19. This promotion.

20. And this expertly designed front page.

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