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Things Only People With Young Faces Can Understand

If you have a young face, then chances are you've experienced the following

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So. You were born with a baby face. Chances are you experience the following:

People constantly ask you:

You have a few options to validate your age...

You could just pretend they didn't ask...


After all, you get this way too often.

Remain ambiguous but confident...

Be as specific as possible...


You've lived this long, every day counts and they should know it!

or when all else fails, revert to legal documentation.

To minimize this question, you do your best to try to appear older


Dressing up, wearing heels, anything that will send off the "not in high school" vibe

...but all anyone sees is:

People are always asking you things like:

You're like, "I work here."


They're like:

People don't find it socially acceptable to say things like:


Yet somehow people think it's totally fine to say..

"You look like you're in middle school!"

It's rude!

(and, yes, it will be perceived as incredibly condescending!)


Honestly, why would you feel like it would be okay to say things like that to a complete stranger?

Again, you have a few options...


You could get angry... (but it will probably look more like):

put on your best "not amused" face...

Use refined, adult-like honesty...

give the polite head nod..


changing subjects...

...or silent acceptance.


after all... it is true...

But no matter how you respond, they will always add the classic, "You'll appreciate it when you're older."


FYI, saying that doesn't justify you.

And by the way, when I'm older I want to look my age. It's not my goal in life to look young forever

So when the world starts to make you feel down for having a young face...

just look the world right back and tell them:

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