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Michael Scott Gives 8 Reasons Why The MTA Doesn't Need More Money

The MTA is in crisis. The Governor’s response to all this has been to dodge responsibility, and pass the buck to anyone who might catch it. That means YOU, the taxpayer and mass transit rider. Don’t be a sucker. Here are 8 reasons why you shouldn’t fall for calls to hand the MTA more of your hard-earned money:

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4. Out-of-control debt and personnel costs could consume it quickly

Personnel costs are eating the MTA budget alive – totaling 77 percent of spending. And the MTA has an unreal $40 billion in debt, built up covering the incredible spike in spending (despite a decline in total employees).

5. Albany has blown billions on wasteful projects

Recently the state has funded the ridiculous twinkle lights for bridges to the tune of over $200 million. They’ve spent $15 million for a State Fair Gondola that wasn’t even requested by local officials. They even authorized another $1.2 billion in handouts to Hollywood productions.

7. There are billions of dollars available from bank settlements

Albany also has billions from windfall bank settlements lying around that they can direct toward fixing the mass transit system, as the Empire Center points out. Before politicians grab for your wallet, they should open up their own.

8. They hired fraudulent contracts guy to oversee spending

The MTA just hired a guy who oversaw at least $6.5 million in fraudulent contracts at the Department of Education. They’re apparently banking on him to make sure not a dollar is wasted. You can’t make this up.

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