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55 Thoughts When Watching Bieber's WDYM Video

Literally what does it all mean? Its super sexy but leaves me super confused and not sure what a first date with the Biebs would be like.

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1.Woah okay is he A?

2.Not sure why he was given a lighter. Context plz.

3.Oh yeah, he did that stage with Mary Jane but thought he was past that

4.Wait isn't that guy from Romeo & Juliet Leonardo days film?

5.Yeah he was the bad guy, Tybalt.

6.Okay massive wod of cash. We get it you're rich plz.

7."Promise me the girl don't get hurt" oh so heroic <3

8."You play with fire, you may get hurt" I get it, nice metaphor with the lighter.

9.WHO IS XENIA DELI? She's hot though.

10.He has some Eminem blonde hair going on here

11.That's purposely in his face to be sexy. Its working.

12.8. Why is he super sweaty looking and have wet hair like after the gym when he just been standing in the rain?

13.Woah okay mysterious girl all lonely in lingerie #same

14.Motive of the clock to adhere to the music. Clever.

15.HE IS DEFS A - or is it CeCe as a boy?

16.Seductive look through the crack in the door - stop it Biebs.

17.Woah okay sexy mysterious girl in lingerie #goals

18.Obvs he has high standards. Dammit.

19.But lets just stop for a second and realise she just let a random hot guy in her random motel room, assuming its a motel.

20.Like we don't get told they are dating. Or are they? Tinder?

21.Okay cute make out session beginning here, oh young love. #hormones

22.Does she find it odd him just singing whilst she lies sexily on the bed? Music videos are odd.

23.Okay now they are getting naked, please PG rated. Your fans are still 15.


25.Subtle (not subtle) Calvin Klein product placement here. More $$$.

26.Alright then soft core porn, its cute, I guess.

27.They totes met on Tinder. They are having an argument now before anything else moves on.

28.Woah now she's kissing his torso and chest and getting all up on him. OKAY then!

29.Woah she's getting aggressive and taking control. #girlpower

30."Wanna argue you or day & make love all night" LISTEN girl, the Biebs wants to make this work.

31.Make out. Make out.

32.Cue clothes back on. Anything frisky is off the cards. #sorrynotsorry

33.OKAY random masked man. A 2.0 definitely.

34.Did PLL sponsor this?

35.Cause Biebs is getting taken hostage whilst she still lies in her lingerie on the bed.

36.Meanwhile have you noticed the 'red light district' like lights on the wall?

37.Totally saw that on Tumblr and tried to make it work. Its actually kinda cool.


39.Lighter motive. Romantic lighting. Romance points for you Biebs.

40.Meanwhiles its in the boot of a car.

41.NOW random silence and they are about to die or something cause the masked men are after them. #scary


43.Remember not all heroes where capes?

44.Woah side note: maybe A is a hero?

45.Anyway, they are now in this hectic jumping castle. WHERE DO I FIND THIS PLACE?

46.They survived the kidnapping and now are at a masquerade party?

47.And gives the guy back his lighter?

48.Not sure what connection that guy had? Was he like manning the 7 seconds of heaven room? THIS IS LEGIT, WHAT DO YOU MEAN BIEBS?

49.Still got that black hoodie - totally rocking it though.

50.Skate boarding nice, showing the true Biebs.

51.Okay this warehouse party is epic. Where was our invite?

52.He is all happy and free now. Cute cheeky smile. STOP IT.

53.But what does it all mean?

54.Did he purposely leave us hanging to never find out?

55.THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE PLL. I can't do this.

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