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This Poster Is HIV-positive. The People Who Read It Are Instantly Touched.

"If prejudice is an illness, information is the cure."

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These people aren't just living with HIV, they are living with the HIV stigma.

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According to the World Health Organization, at the end of 2013 close to 35 million people were living with HIV/AIDS worldwide. However success in medical advancements now allow people with the virus to continue living normal, happy lives. But there are still tons of people who are confused about how the virus is transmitted.

This campaign is changing individuals view about HIV by putting the virus right in front of them.

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They may look like standard everyday sized posters but they have something a little different. Each one comes with a tiny drop of blood.

The beauty of this project is that it taps into the discomfort the reader might be feeling at the prospect of even looking at a piece of paper carrying HIV

Ogilvy Brazil / Via

Dr. Artur Kalichman, the coordinator for the São Paulo AIDS Program explains why this campaign is so important. "The poster is completely harmless. The blood has already dried. The HIV can't survive long outside the human body. Because of the treatment, the blood of the volunteers can't infect anyone. Besides ... HIV is not transmitted by poster."

The posters were put up in the streets of São Paulo, where the impact was instant.

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As people interacted with the posters throughout the city, something wonderful began to happen. People reached out and touched the poster, going straight for the drop of dried blood.

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One man even kissed the poster, sharing, "I felt love for this person I don't even know." Which led the the most powerful moment - seeing how people respond when given the chance to meet the HIV-positive people behind each drop of blood.

If that moment didn't have you in tears, you're definitely lying.

Ogilvy Brazil / Via

The HIV-positive poster is forcing people to confront their prejudice for real.

While researchers continue to search for a cure, it's up to us to educate ourselves and each other to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and offer proper support to those living with the illness.

View this video on YouTube

Ogilvy Brazil / Via

Watch the whole video here, thanks to the beautiful minds behind GIV & Ogilvy Brazil

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