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15 Things GWNJ Has Taught Me

How having no the hardest one of all.

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1. Fan Girl Like No One Is Watching You

Not totally sure what to do with this piece of information.

Via Twitter: @girlwithnojob

You're never too old to fan girl, Snapchat your sing-a-longs or Instagram dreamy photos of celebs or scream when they follow you on Twitter - if it makes you happy then thats all that matters!

2. WiFi Priorities are real.

Via Twitter: @girlwithnojob

Hey, can i come over? Sure. Okay cool, whats your WiFi password?

3. Drinking is more than cool. It's an excuse. / Via Instagram: @girlwithnojob

6. That getting fit isn't easy. She feels all our pain. / Via Instagram: @girlwithnojob

7. That having a Netflix marathon overnight is okay. / Via Instagram: @girlwithnojob


8. Reality TV is life. And a priority. / Via Instagram: @girlwithnojob

11. Honesty. / Via Instagram: @girlwithnojob

It really doesn't get as real than this.

12. That your friends know the real stuff. / Via Instagram: @girlwithnojob

14. Having a boyfriend with no job is harder than you think.


Via Twitter: @girlwithnojob

You have to share followers...

15. That this no job thing is great when you update the world on important matters. / Via Instagram: @girlwithnojob

"stay positive peeps & follow @girlwithnojob"

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