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Move Over, Humans Of New York. Here Is Your Replacement...

The NYC video blog, Tales Of Woo (, tells the stories of how couples met and fell in love--and it's freaking adorable and addicting.

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"I thought that he may have been like, a virgin band nerd."

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"So I ran back up the stairs and I called after him and I said, Wait what’s your name? and then we started talking and then I got his phone number.”

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"From the beginning, you were like, 'Anytime you're upset with me, don't pretend things are cool. Don't try and make me figure it out. Don't talk to your girlfriends.' And that really helped."

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"This is like, the most embarrassing story ever for me..."

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"I kept trying to kiss her within the first ten minutes. And it didn't happen, it happened a few minutes later. You just kept moving your face away from me. Finally, eventually, once it started pouring rain, and then I came close..."

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Tales Of Woo videos are updated every Monday at or

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