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Podcasting - An Easy And Affordable Way To Reach Your Audience

Podcasting has been completely revolutionized the entertainment world over the World Wide Web.

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This broadcasting revolution that has spurred opens a new platform for publishing shows. It has empowered billons of entertainment enthusiasts to produce and distribute their own shows by podcasting online. Though we are discussing about podcast a lot of people is unaware of what it really is.

Podcast is as simple as a series of video and audio recordings, which one can publish and broadcast over the internet. A podcast episode is pretty similar as the concept of episodes in TV programs. While podcast is basically a series of video and audio files, a podcast episode is one of the episodes in a podcast.

If one is familiar with the concept of blogging, then understanding podcast would not be difficult. In blogs one writes his or her thoughts, while is podcast records ones ideas or thoughts instead of writing them. Podcasters also define it as homemade radio program that can be created and published by one and all. Like for blogging, podcast also uses RSS feed to upload content over the internet, allowing everyone with an internet connection to subscribe a show. The RSS feed informs subscribers when one adds a new episode to a podcast through automatic notifications.

Many a people often get confused between a simple audio file and a podcast. The simple thing is one need to subscribe different podcast channels and when there is a new episode the subscriber automatically gets its notification. While for a normal audio video one has to search the video and then download.

Podcasting news or episode can be easily downloaded and can be listened to not only in computers but one can transferred to any transportable MP3 device. This is a huge advantage for podcast listeners as this allows them to enjoy the podcast shows at any time and any place.

One is often intrigued to know the generals requirements to produce a podcast. There are basic three requirements that one would require. They are -

Show Format - By the format of a show means the kind of content and style that the show will have. Designing the show will involve the following steps -

a) One needs to identify the topics that one will talk on,

b) Identify your target audience that is for what kind of people the show will be catered to

c) The time duration for the podcast

d) Zeroing on a title for a show

e) One needs to develop a script for the show as needed for TV or radio programs

f) Also one needs to decide if the show will be telecasted every day, weekly for bi-weekly or on a monthly basis.

Equipment - The equipments needed for podcasting are very basic and easily available. They are

a) Computer system

b) Internet access

c) Good microphone

d) Speakers

Podbean Mobile App - One can download the app for free from the Internet. This app not only helps in watcing podcast shows but also helps to maintain the list.

There are a number of mobile app like podbean one can upload and therein watch content for free. Browse by topics, see what’s hot, recommended podcasts based on your interests/listening behavior: great for discovering podcasts which can entertain you or help you develop personal/careers skills while you’re driving, commuting, doing housework, etc.

Community/engagement: comment on podcasts, see what others who like the same podcasts like, interact with your favorite podcasters/other listeners

In addition to the wide world of podcasts on thousands of specialty topics, Podbean has an audiobooks section full of classic, interesting books in various genres one can also surf through Wild Voice and all in one podcasting service. It is easy and free and one can see what's hot through it.

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