• RebuilDESTROY

      It just seems to me that our Federalist system was obviously created to work together, so can’t you see that it’s quite simple for many agencies to work together under our government to let something like this happen if they planned it? The FBI is finding all the information, the media releasing stories (whether factual or not) left and right, military personnel aiming guns at citizens, whether guilty or not guilty. Obviously there was security at the event, but bomb practice drills the same day? Alex Jones being deemed as “crazy”? I don’t follow or worship him like some phony pope or influential leader, mainly because I know he makes money off what he does just like everyone else, and maybe that’s his self satisfaction. But maybe he wants to explore the evidence and explain these events not just for himself, but for those hurt at Boston. I explore his information because it’s all I can do, take it into consideration with my personal beliefs and not try to fill gaps where things don’t make sense, but to honestly make sense of the situation as a whole. I don’t look for pictures of “a strange man atop a roof” or utter nonsense like that. I just know one thing, in our day and age, Honesty is what matters the most. But throughout the media’s propaganda and the untold secrets and continuous lying throughout our lives, it’s hard to trust anyone. It all brings me back to 9/11, some unfathomable event happens and none of us can believe our eyes, and within 48 hours our government already knows who did it and where to look? It only seems safe for me to think outside of the box a bit. I understand that this can easily be a realistic tragedy, but also understand it could easily be a staged tragedy by our own government or a national ally government as well. My thoughts go out to anyone experienced by the trauma dealing with the Boston bombings. Personally, just being an American citizen saddens me knowing things like this happen in our country. Whatever the cause, our problem of mass violence and mass control needs to be fixed. Maybe it’s not the guns or pressure cookers we need to ban or the weapons that need to be changed; maybe our environment is what needs the change. Quit being so quit to jump to conclusions, to label people as crazy or schizophrenic, do you know what it’s like to be schizophrenic? No? Do you know what it’s like to have one of your limbs torn off by nails and bb’s from a pressure cooker? No. So until you have actually put yourself in someone else’s shoes, thought under their paradigms and opinions, and considered every little detail, don’t judge someone differently because of what they take into their own beliefs and coincide with their own learned knowledge. Fuck.

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