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      So many comments…and so few relevant. :) Afew have hit upon the fact that these are levitical commands but few have said the key point here, guys.  The Levitical codes from the Old Testament were part of the Mosaic Law, which the Bible says is binding on all of Jewish descent. (Jews today who practice their religion still believe everything listed above.) Jesus—WHO WAS JEWISH AND SPEAKING TOAJEWISH AUDIENCE—reinforced to them that yes, he did not abolish these laws. Some of you have noted this, for he did say that we are not to change any of the Mosaic Law. BUT NEITHER DID HE CHANGE THEM TO APPLY TO NON-JEWS. That has never happened in the Bible, ever. Fast forwardafew years. Christianity is spreading among the Gentiles. Some (Paul and Peter) are teaching (as the Jews had done for CENTURIES) that the Gentiles do not need to follow the Jewish laws as these have nothing to do with Gentiles. Another small sect, though (called the Judaizers) were teaching that to beaChristian you must also be Jewish.
      Acouncil was called in Jerusalem in 51 AD, as described in Acts 15:2-12. All of the apostles (the men who personally knew Jesus) heard the testimony of both sides. They met and prayed and fasted and sent outaletter to all Gentiles, saying that FOR GENTILES the Mosaic Law was not applicable—as it never had been—because they were not Jewish. However, they did reinforce the Noahic Covenant of Genesis 9, saying that Gentiles (as descendents of Noah) were still responsible for following the laws against idolatry and sexual ethics. Which is why one chapter of Leviticus—and only one chapter, the one dealing with sexual ethics—is relevant for modern GENTILE Christians, while the rest is relevant for modern JEWISH Christians. This is all well described here:

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