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    31 Things You Can Get At Walmart's Early Black Friday Sale That Reviewers Love

    The deals continue — this time with reviewer-loved picks.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Good news, people! Walmart is continuing their ~early~ Black Friday deals this year, and they did not hold back on exciting discounts!


    Since the deals don't last long, we rounded up the ~best of the best~ so we can get shopping RIGHT AWAY:

    1. 39% off a Roku Ultra LT so you can stream basically everything with practically no setup — just plug it in and you're all set! Magic.

    The Roku remote and plug-in for TV

    Promising review: "I am super pleased with the Roku Ultra LT. It offers amazing performance and 4k HDR picture quality without a moment of buffering. My cable provider has a streaming app for Roku devices, which allowed me to cut the monthly cable box rental fee off of my bill. I can watch my high definition cable channels right through the Roku, and within 8 months, it will have totally paid for itself by reducing my cable bill. I couldn't be happier. This was a fantastic way to reduce my cable bill and put all of my HD sources (cable, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video) into one high-quality, high-performing unit. The Ultra LT and Ultra have superior dual-band WiFi, which is part of why they work so well. This is the model you want." —David

    Price: $48 (originally $79)

    2. 50% off an electric fireplace that'll bring some coziness to your space, which is definitely a necessity this winter.

    The fireplace in a decorated living room

    Promising review: "I love this fireplace. It has a nice remote with it. It heats up the room very nicely. You can have both the heat and flame on or just enjoy the flame only to create a nice ambiance in the room. The flame looks pretty realistic. Not bright orange like some. Another nice feature are the wheels on the bottom to be able to move it from room to room. I would certainly buy this again. I love it!"—Kailo

    Price: $99 (originally $199)

    3. 41% off the complete DVD box series of Friends so you can have it to watch whenever, no matter which streaming service it ends up migrating to.

    The DVD cover, with six actors in formal clothes and the New York City skyline

    Promising review: "Exactly what we were looking for. No complaints. All the seasons in one place. Great binge watching!"—Laugh

    Price: $59.96 (originally $101.98)

    4. 32% off a Samsung Galaxy Watch that'll track your health, take calls, play music, and give reminders, all with a subtle, classic watch face.

    The black and silver watch

    Promising review: "As an avid walker/hiker/runner this is great for tracking everything — heart rate, location, elevation, distance, pace, steps, etc. You can turn on the tracking or it automatically starts tracking when it sees you are doing something for a while. Sync with phone was pretty easy. If you keep all functions on the battery will drain in just over two days. If put in battery saver mode it doubles that time but still gives notices." —DBinATL

    Price: $189 (originally $279)

    5. 33% off a pair of wireless earbuds with a 20+ hour charge time, so you won't have to worry about being left music-less in the middle of a long workday.

    A model wearing the earbuds

    Promising review: "This is my third style of JLab headphones/earbuds. They are my go to brand. All three have excellent sound quality. Deep bass, crisp highs, and these are no exception. Sound great, comfortable, easy to operate. I've had expensive headphones that sound bad compared to these!!" —JohnChristopher

    Price: $20 (originally $29.88, available in three colors)

    6. 35% off a faux leather chair that'll add a little bit of mod flair and comfort to any room.

    The black leather chair in front of a bookshelf

    Promising review: "THE CHAIR IS BETTER IN PERSON THAN PICTURES!! 10/10 super wide seat and great texture for not being real leather. Looks so expensive and such a nice piece to style. Very easy assembly, took about 5-10 minutes. Would purchase again without hesitation." —emily

    Price: $194.60 (originally $300)

    7. 50% off an air fryer, because you deserve crispiness! Crispy vegetables, frozen foods, meats, and more are all achievable with this baby.

    The air fryer and french fries in a kitchen

    Promising review: "I have precious little counter space in my little kitchen, but this has a permanent home! I absolutely adore this thing. Chicken wings in the fryer are awesome. You can also make some awesome brats or dogs in it and get a nice crispy crunch to the skins. I've done a few roasted veggies that are awesome. The quiche I made got a little over done but was terrific. The clean up on this is so easy. You basically just rinse it out and dry it off." —Dingbatdinah

    Price: $49.88 (originally $99)

    8. 29% off an AeroGarden herb kit that'll produce gorgeous herbs year-round. Pesto galore is coming your way!

    The Aerogarden, full of herbs, with some spices and vegetables in a kitchen

    Promising review: "I absolutely love my AeroGarden. I don't have a green thumb at all so every year I end up with dead plants but not with the AeroGarden. Everything is so easy and I have gotten tons of veggies!" —angieh042385

    Price: $99.97 (originally $140.75)

    9. 55% off a Sharpie set with a spinning tray so you can get your coloring on with both fine and ultra-fine tips, and a ton of cool colors.


    Promising review: "These markers are awesome! Two different tips and so many colors for only $10 for 30 markers!! The spinning tray just makes them even more fun to use!"—Curtis

    Price: $10 (originally $21.99)

    10. 33% off a set of Pioneer Woman ceramic nesting bowls that look like something your grandma would have had, but in a chic way.

    The floral bowls in a kitchen

    Promising review: "Beautiful and functional. This bowl holds up well to heat and holds a good casserole size portion. I received these for Mother's Day and couldn't wait to use them! I made Pioneer Woman's twice baked potato casserole! It turned out amazing! These are definitely a must buy." —OBERRYGIRL11

    Price: $19.98 (originally $29.99)

    11. 60% off a robot vacuum to keep your floors clean with practically zero effort, which is the best possible combination.

    The black vacuum picking up a spill

    Promising review: "I love my Eufy RoboVac!! It vacuums my whole house which is about 1,600 sqft. I keep my house extremely clean, so I have to empty the vacuum once a week, and it runs every morning. I love the fact that you can program it around your schedule. Also the app lets you know everything going on with the vacuum. My favorite feature will have to be the edge cleaner, it cleans right against the corners, and wall around the whole entire house. It also has no problem going from hardwood floor, tile, to rugs without getting stuck. I’m excited that they’re going on sale for $99 for Black Friday, because everyone in my family is getting one for Christmas this year." —Emily

    Price: $99 (originally $249)

    12. 50% off a heated back massager that your back is just begging you to buy. Listen to your back!

    The heating pad attached to a chair

    Promising review: "This massage pillow is awesome. Best thing I bought in a long time. Not only for your neck and your shoulders! You can actually move it to different areas of your body: your feet, your legs, your middle and lower back. This product is amazing especially for this price. It moves clockwise and counterclockwise and it rotates between the two, as well as heats up. I'm in love." —Ree

    Price: $19.99 (originally $39.99)

    13. 35% off a basketball hoop so your driveway can be the neighborhood hotspot for shooting hoops.

    Two players playing basketball with the hoop in front of a house

    Promising review: "Great hoop for beginners or just shooting around the house. Setup was a breeze. Instructions were very easy and detailed. Took about an hour and a half. You may need an extra person installing the rim and backboard." —BeeCee

    Price: $98 (originally $149.99)

    14. 48% off a LEGO DUPLO animals set that's just too darn cute — I mean look at those 'lil critters! Plus, all the other pieces are great for independent construction.

    A child playing with the brightly colored LEGO blocks

    Promising review: "Very nice kit. Many pieces from LEGO. My kids loved it. I recommend it. Fast shipping too." —Nikolaos

    Price: $30 (originally $58)

    15. 31% off a steam mop perfect for hardwood floors or tile — they'll be absolutely shining after a pass with this puppy.

    The white and orange mop in a white bathroom

    Promising review: "Amazing product! The tile had grout stains from the previous owner and i wasn't a fan of how it looked. It looked dirty and it was driving me nuts. WOW! I used the scrubber on the back and that really lifted all the gunk. I'm so amazed by it that I bought it for my mom for Mother's Day!" —Giselle

    Price: $69 (originally $99.99)

    16. 34% off an Acer Chromebook that's the perfect little machine for browsing around, curling up with Netflix in bed, or online shopping (meta!).

    The grey laptop with a beach screensaver

    Promising review: "I was a little hesitant at first because of the price but I decided to buy it for my daughter. She loves it! It arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Screen is big compared to other Chromebook we have. Easy to use and navigate. I ended up purchasing another laptop for my brother." —Erlinda

    Price: $329 (originally $499)

    17. 31% off a hair trimmer with 13 attachments, so you can use it on basically any part of your face with ease.

    The trimmer and attachments

    Promising review: "Quality and a great price to boot! Having now used this shaver to groom my beard for one year I can comfortably give it five stars. I appreciate the long battery life and high quality cut that it has consistently provided me. I don't have a bunch of time in the morning and this shaver allows me to get the job done easily with a sharp accurate cut and the included attachments to achieve the consistent look I want! I feel confident in recommending this product!" —PJBSpfldIL

    Price: $17.95 (originally $25.95)

    18. 38% off an LED mirror that has approximately a bazillion functions besides reflection: it'll charge your phone, play your music, and even has Siri and Google included.

    The mirror with a charging phone attached

    Promising review: "Sexy little addition to my bathroom counter. Lighting is great, charges my iPhone and plays my music. Rocking out in the mornings before work is awesome!" —Shirah

    Price: $49.88 (originally $79.99)

    19. 44% off a karaoke machine to jazz up any night, whether it's a house party (when those are safe, of course!) or just a random Tuesday on the couch.

    The multicolored karaoke machine and microphone

    Promising review: "Love love love this thing! So much fun for the kids and adults! Definitely a great time passer now that we spend more time at home!" —Christy

    Price: $39 (originally $69.99)

    20. 44% off a set of pantry storage containers so you can keep your dry goods organized exactly as beautifully as a Food Network kitchen.

    The containers filled with food on a counter

    Promising review: "These containers are awesome! They are made with a hard plastic that is durable and the lids are secure to keep all my food products fresh! I have redone my pantry using three sets of these plus I ordered others, in the same brand, that make it look very organized! I love these and so will you!!" —KAREN

    Price: $45.15 (originally $79.99)

    21. 51% off a Lenovo Smart clock that'll put your Google Assistant right on your bedside table, so you can check the weather, your schedule, and more, all before you get up.

    The clock in a bedroom

    Promising review: "I LOVE this! it is fabulous. You can set multiple alarms. Not just one, not just two, probably not just three, but that is how many I stopped at. You can tell it to set the alarm before you go to bed. If you have smart lights it will turn them off and on for you. It is just an amazing little device. It will play Pandora and Stitcher. It will find relaxing noises and play them before bedtime. So far it has been flawless and I am in love with it!" —Dawna

    Price: $39 (originally $79.99, available in two colors)

    22. 40% off a charcoal grill in a cute mini size that's perfectly portable for camping, cooking out, tailgating, and just hanging out in the backyard.

    The red grill on a lake dock

    Promising review: "My dad got me this as a wedding gift and it is the absolute best bbq I have ever used or owned. I am in the mist of creating a cooking/BBQ table and will most likely buy another and have a double cooking station!" —Landon007

    Price: $299 (originally $499.99)

    23. 30% off an instant read thermometer that'll totally upgrade your cooking game. All the pros use one!

    The red thermometer being used on a turkey

    Promising review: "Purchased this four months ago and I love it! I like the magnet on the back; this lives on my fridge so anytime I need it, it's right there. Small and compact hence space-saving. The display lights up which is very nice for when we use it to grill outside after dark. Definitely recommend this product." —Sharal

    Price: $13.99 (originally $19.99)

    24. 38% off a bamboo bath tray to totally upgrade your baths — this is the smallest change that'll make everything seem totally luxurious.

    A model in the bath using the tray

    Promising review: "This is by far the nicest bath tray I have ever owned! I love how many different compartments it has! It makes it so easy to relax with a book." —Katie

    Price: $31.49 (originally $50.39)

    25. 42% off a cat tree because your 'lil kitties deserve an upgrade! They'll love climbing and scratching on this, I guarantee.

    Two cats on the cat tree

    Promising review: "I got this product because I got a new puppy and my 13 year old cats needed an escape plan. It's perfect! They are older cats and do not really 'play' on it, but they spend their entire day lounging on the high posts and looking out the window. It's very sturdy, so sturdy that my 68-pound puppy can climb it! It is a great product for such a low cost compared to what you would pay in a pet store." —columbusohiomom

    Price: $65.99 (originally $113.92)

    26. 20% off a tiered bar cart that'll help you store your alcohol like a ~classy adult~ and not a grungy frat boy.

    The gold bar cart in front of a brick wall

    Promising review: "No need to debate getting this! The price is so affordable and yet this piece is so stylish and looks way more expensive than the price! Very easy to assemble and the directions were easy to follow. Get it!" —Nicole

    Price: $79.99 (originally $99.99)

    27. 28% off a potted plant display stand to help you show off the beautiful results of your green thumb.

    The stand filled with plants in front of a wall

    Promising review: "Easy to put together and great way to display a variety of plants without my room feeling cluttered. Looks lovely, I'm very pleased and definitely recommend." —Katrina

    Price: $32.99 (originally $45.99)

    28. 25% off a color-changing moon lamp that just has excellent vibes. It's a little moon for your room, how could it not?!

    The moon lamp on a stand

    Promising review: "This lamp is amazing. It's so fun that it changes colors whenever you touch it and it looks like a moon! It really does! If you like sci-fi this is going to be a fun item for you." —ZapZeeblezoop

    Price: $14.99 (originally $20)

    29. 40% off a queen-sized sherpa blanket just like snuggling up into a hug, which is very important for those long chilly nights.

    The blue blanket on a bed

    Promising review: "I love how soft it is. I didn't buy it for me but for my four pound dog, who absolutely loves it! I bought three blankets." —Jen

    Price: $29.72 (originally $49.72, available in three colors)

    30. 47% off a cotton bath mat your toes will actually enjoy fresh out of the shower. No more cold floor!

    The blue mat on a wood floor

    Promising review: "Love the size and feel of this rug. It looks great in our guest bathroom. I am ordering two more!" —Michelle

    Price: $21.99 (originally $41.70, available in seven colors)

    31. 50% off a nonstick cookware set that's great for setting up a new apartment, or just replacing your old stuff that's gotten a little funky.

    The silver cookware set

    Promising review: "Absolutely love these pots and pans!! Very nonstick surface, and love the color! Would highly recommend!" —Stacy

    Price: $99.99 (originally $199.97)

    And don't forget to check out the rest of their incredible deals!

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