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    20 Trivia Games You'll Want To Play With Your Friends

    Let's get ♪quizzical♪

    1. A deck of Brilliant or BS to discover who reigns supreme: your friends who know trivia or your friends who are good bluffers.

    2. A copy of The Office Trivia Game so you can take a break from your binge sesh to totally wow everyone with your Dunder Mifflin knowledge.

    3. A fun 2000s Trivia by BuzzFeed game because who better than us to test you on your early aughts knowledge? Plus, it comes with a Spotify playlist of ~tunes from the era~ to really set the mood.

    the black game packaging and pieces

    4. A super fun game like ...I should have known that! that'll have you struggling not to yell out the title after every question.

    A hand holding up the green game box

    5. A newer version of the ever-enduring Trivial Pursuit because some games are classics for a reason. And those lil' pie pieces are just so satisfying to slot in!

    the brightly colored game board and pieces

    6. A multi-generational game like All Of Us so that friends and family of all ages can participate in (and *actually* enjoy) trivia night — from the babiest Gen Z-er to the oldest Boomer.

    a group of models playing the game

    7. A copy of LINKEE for a more fast-paced — and occasionally LOUD — game than you might be accustomed to at your traditional, more mellow game nights.

    8. A science, tech, engineering and math game like STEM Family Battle because while you might be trying to sneak in something "educational," it's really fun and engaging for everyone. It's truly the black bean brownies of board games.

    the brightly colored game box and board

    9. A more challenging game like Wit's End for those ~elite~ trivia heads out there. If you aspire to be on Jeopardy (or already have been on Jeopardy), this is the game for you.

    the green and yellow box, game board, and pieces

    10. A deck of I Wish I Didn't Know so those of you (like me) who are cursed with gross and weird trivia knowledge can finally put it to use.

    11. A graphic designer's dream game, The Logo Game is sure to entice even people who think they don't like trivia — everyone knows these brands, whether you think you do or not.

    the brightly colored box with many logos

    12. A party game like Smart Ass is perfect for those who hate waiting their turn — if you know the answer, shout it out, no matter whose turn it is.

    the yellow game box

    13. A super inclusive game like Cranium that'll let everyone shine— whether you you're best at drawing, sculpting, acting, or answering questions, there's something you're sure to excel at.

    14. A horror edition of Trivial Pursuit that's perfect for the upcoming spooky szn. Play a round before you go trick-or-treating, to a haunted house or through a corn maze!

    15. A film-nerd game like Cinephile to make movie trivia accessible and fun, whether you're a buff or a newbie.

    16. A copy of Foodie Fight so your friend who exclusively watches the Food Network can finally have their time in the sun. (It's me. The friend is me.)

    17. A higher-stakes game like Wits and Wagers that perfectly combines trivia with gambling. It's great for groups, too, because you don't have to know the answers to do really well.

    18. A fast-paced game like Everybody Knows that tests your speed and common knowledge, so your pals won't be intimidated by any obscure questions.

    the red game box and pieces

    19. A digital game like Jackbox Party Pack 6 where you can play Trivia Murder Party (a game at which I am undefeated) along with a ton of other party games you can play with friends.

    the game logos on a pink background

    20. And a copy of Friends Trivia because it's not only about the show but it's literally based on the game they play in the show. How beautifully meta is that?

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