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    28 Things For Anyone Who Needs To Keep Their Hands Busy

    Winner winner, fidget spinner.

    1. A mini flippable sequin pillow for everyone who would totally carry one of the couch-sized versions around if it would fit in a work bag.

    2. A Tangle Jr. that'll provide the perfect pocket-sized plaything to keep your hands and brain engaged.

    3. A colored putty kit so you can customize some putty and then play with it. That's a big step up from the old Silly Putty days.

    4. A Golden Snitch fidget spinner that even Muggles will be able to tell is a Keeper.

    5. An infinity cube with an ultra-smooth motion that'll keep you soothed and occupied for, well...forever, probably.

    6. A flippy chain perfect for anyone who needs something to use in a meeting — it takes just one hand to use, and it's silent, so you won't end up accidentally distracting others while you focus.

    7. A fidget cube with six sides to keep your hands occupied — some of the sides make sound and some don't, so it'll be great in any situation.

    8. A splurgeworthy knitting kit that'll guide even the newest knitter through all the steps of creating a gorgeous and cozy scarf.

    9. Or a round loom set for an easier (and cheaper!) knitting option that's ideal for those who don't want to deal with knitting needles.

    10. A spinner ring perfect for someone who wants to fidget discreetly and still be cute.

    11. A copy of Wreck This Journal to keep your downtime filled with off-the-beaten-path activities — and you'll end up with a completely unique work of art when you're done!

    12. A fidget spinner because they're a classic for a reason: They really are a great tool for focusing with busy hands.

    13. A panda squishy that'll be the sweet-smelling, slow-inflating solution to your fidgety woes.

    14. A coloring book perfect for any animal lover who needs something to do with their hands — and who wants to end up with something beautiful as a result.

    15. A Möbius ball that'll strip away any distractions and is so tiny you can take it absolutely anywhere.

    16. A rainbow ball puzzle even Roy G. Biv himself would find endlessly entertaining.

    17. A fidget controller for that retro gamer aesthetic. Playing a real game at your desk would be super distracting, but this'll help you stay in the zone.

    18. A set of Wacky Tracks you can snap and click into basically infinite shapes and designs for maximum satisfaction.

    19. A stress ball for anyone who wants to squeeze away their worries — or just wants a super jacked hand.

    20. A worry stone you can keep in your palm at all times to reduce stress and get some good ~vibes~ from the crystal as a bonus.

    21. A jigsaw puzzle that'll keep your hands occupied at home and provide hours of entertainment for everyone in the house.

    22. A pack of modeling clay so you can get a lil' ~creative~ while you keep your hands busy.

    23. A squeezable bean pod that's soy adorable you'll want to play with it all day.

    24. A desk footrest you can use as a standard rest (which can relieve back pain!) or flip over to rock back and forth — perfect if you're constantly catching yourself uncontrollably bouncing your legs.

    25. A set of stretchy noodles that are a rad throwback to the sticky hands of your childhood, but these won't collect dust (literally or metaphorically!).

    26. A set of playable art balls so your desk can look like a MoMA exhibit (well, when you're not fiddling with them).

    27. A fidget dodecahedron because everyone knows that twelve sides are better than six.

    28. A set of teeny magnetic balls that can fit in the palm of your hand, which is perfect, because you'll need to protect them from everyone (and I mean everyone) who will want to steal them.

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