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    27 Things To Give Your Bathroom An Update This Spring

    A drastically cleaner tub = actually wanting to use it for bubble baths.

    1. A set of metallic shower corner shelves that'll take up way less space than a standard caddy or shelf, while also providing a snazzy way to display and store all your products.

    a reviewer photo of the gold shelves installed in a marble shower

    2. A set of lil' glass jars with bamboo lids because if I've learned anything from those weirdly hypnotic TikToks, putting random stuff into a lil' jar automatically makes it ~organized~ and ~aesthetic.~

    a reviewer photo of the labeled glass jars with wood lids filled with q-tips and cotton pads on a tray with a vase of eucalyptus

    3. A set of drill brush attachments so you can scrub smarter, not harder. These handy dandy brushes fit right on an electric drill, and then you just have to hold it up — the drill does the rest of the work for you.

    reviewer image of a dirty tub and a clean tub after using the brush

    4. A tiered organizer to make the most of your cabinet space. This lets you use alllllllll that vertical space that used to just be air storage.

    5. A handmade ceramic soap dish with ingenious built-in drainage so you'll never again pick up a slippery, slimy bar of soap. TBH that can make your hands feel dirtier than when you started!

    the blue patterned ceramic dish with a fold for drainage

    6. An over-the-toilet storage cabinet so you can make use of that wasted space, while also gaining a ton of storage, and looking chic to boot. A true triple threat!

    a reviewer photo of the white cabinet above a toilet

    7. A tub of the Pink Stuff because it's Tiktok famous for a reason. It'll take off pretty much any gunk, grime, or goop that's attached itself to your bathroom and make it look sparklingly new.

    8. A bathtub tray to make your soaks the most luxurious experience possible. You can fit a book, a candle, a glass of wine — heck, you could probably get a whole ass meal on this baby.

    a reviewer photo of the dark wood tray with wine and toiletries across a large white tub

    9. A waffle weave shower curtain for major ~five star hotel~ vibes. Tiny soaps not included.

    a reviewer photo of the white shower curtain in a decorated bathroom

    10. Or a set of dual hooks to hang your current shower curtain and liner — you might think this is too small of a thing to care about, but it really does improve the look. Plus, these slide incredibly smoothly, so you won't have to fight with your shower curtain every time you get in and out.

    a reviewer photo of the dark dual hooks holding a green shower curtain and white liner

    11. An arched mirror so you can finally stop using the tiny, toothpaste stained mirror attached to your medicine cabinet. As long as you have a drill, you'll have this installed in a snap.

    a reviewer photo of two gold-edged arched mirrors hanging above a dual sink vanity

    12. A squeegee because when it comes to a mildewy tub, or a cloudy shower door, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Take two seconds to wipe everything down after your shower, and you'll save hours of scrubbing later.

    a reviewer photo of the silver squeegee hanging in a grey and black shower

    13. A waterfall faucet that's a snap to install, and can be used whether your sink has one pre-cut hole or three. Trust me, even if you think you can't DIY, you can do this.

    a reviewer photo of the black faucet installed in a decorated white sink area

    14. A Turkish cotton bath towel set because having all matching towels instantly takes your bathroom from "college dorm" to "relaxing spa." Plus, they're so soft you'll be ruined for other towels.

    the grey towels stacked on a counter, with one hanging behind

    15. A pastel accessory set that'll make even the cheapest soaps and toothbrushes look ~luxe~ and totally curated.

    a reviewer photo of the green and white set on a countertop

    16. A rotating makeup organizer so you can show off all your fanciest, most beautiful bottles, but still have that tube of anti-itch cream easily accessible with just a spin.

    a reviewer photo of the white tray with gold feet filled with cosmetics on a decorated counter

    17. A set of peel-and-stick floor tiles because you don't have to tear out your whole existing floor to get a new look. These just stick right on, and they're so strong you don't have to worry about peeling, chipping, or bubbling.

    a reviewer photo of their bathroom with the black and white patterned floor tiles

    18. Or a grout pen if that seems like too much work — it's basically a paint pen you can use to refresh the grout that refuses to return to its original color, no matter how much you scrub.

    a reviewer before and after photo of their white and blue tile, in the first one the grout is dingy and in the second it's perfectly white

    19. A bottle of Oh Yuk jetted tub cleaner that'll be a godsend if you decided to spring for the fancy jacuzzi tub. Once you've seen the grime and gunk that can build up in those jets, you'll make sure to use this regularly, and not be worried you're sitting in grossness every time you have a soak.

    20. A starter pack of Clorox toilet wands because that toilet brush lurking behind the bowl is basically a germ bonanza. These are way more sanitary and way more effective at actually removing buildup and stains. Plus, the storage caddy looks way nicer than a gross, stained brush.

    21. A narrow trash can to fit in even the smallest nook in the tiniest bathroom. It's motion activated, waterproof, and has built-in support for heavy loads of trash, so it's basically the bathroom MVP.

    a reviewer photo of the small white trash can in a white bathroom

    22. A half-circle bathmat for a bit of boho charm, especially if you're a morning shower-taker. It's like the sun is rising right in your bathroom!

    the dark yellow bathmat in front of a decorated sink space

    23. A rainfall showerhead that'll take less than a minute to install, but provide a luxurious spray for shower after shower after shower.

    a reviewer photo of the large silver showerhead

    24. A bamboo Squatty Potty with all the functionality of its plastic siblings, but enough style that you can leave it out 24/7 instead of trying to hide it away when it isn't in use.

    a reviewer photo of the light wood stool in front of a toilet

    25. A set of minimalist adhesive hooks to provide storage for towels and robes without looking like a locker room or damaging your walls.

    26. A toilet paper holder that doesn't just say "I'm here to hold toilet paper" it says "I'm here to hold toilet paper, and I'm going to look DAMN GOOD while I do it."

    a reviewer photo of a hand next to the matte black toilet paper holder on green and blue wallpaper

    27. A woven storage basket for a much cuter way to store extra rolls of TP than those little (kind of terrifying?) dolls your grandma used to crochet.

    the woven basket with toilet paper and an air freshener on top of a toilet tank

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