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    31 Things From Walmart To Help Make Your Backyard The Best On The Block

    Comfy seating, luxurious plants, fun decorations, and more to make your yard the envy of the entire neighborhood.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A wicker sectional set, because it's basically like bringing your entire living room outside. All you need is the TV!

    Dark brown wicker table, ottomans, and sectional couch with light brown cushions

    Promising review: "I LOVE this patio set! I shopped around for a long time. I didn't want something where the cushions were too thin, I wanted a sectional, yet something that I could play around with and move around. I wanted something beautiful. This features all of those. Best thing my money has bought! And the price is unbeatable! If you're looking for a set you seriously will love this."—Jamie

    Price: $797 (originally $899)

    2. An outdoor rug so you can go barefoot outside without having to worry about splinters, hot flooring, or dirt.

    A rust-red color outdoor rug on the ground

    Promising review: "This is the perfect outdoor rug. It is made well, comfortable to walk on, and keeps feet from walking on the hot deck. It dries well after rain, keeps its size, and looks fabulous."—Biscuit

    Price: $36.70+ (available in seven sizes and eight colors)

    3. A solar lantern that's bright enough to give just enough light to let you stay outside for as long as you like, but not so bright that it'll light up the entire neighborhood.

    A square black solar lantern with clear panes for light

    Promising review: "I've had these going for about three weeks now and they're great. They give off a soft yellowish light which is perfect for what I was going for. Overall I am very pleased."—CaliMiz

    Price: $20.47 (originally $25)

    4. A raised garden bed so you can protect all of your leafy treasures from pests, weeds, animals, and more.

    A brown, square-shaped raised garden bed with colorful flowers planted inside

    Promising review: "I am very pleased with my purchase. I was able to assemble them myself, I like the color, I like the size. Perfect to have my little grandson help me plant and water too. I purchased four of them and am looking forward to harvesting my vegetables this season! If I am ambitious, I plan to buy more next season!"—LRose999

    Price: $57.99 (originally $89.99)

    5. A fire pit that's guaranteed to be s'mores central all throughout the summer.

    A round fire pit with a mesh screen and a fire blazing inside

    Promising review: "Great for the price. Even if it only lasts a year, for forty bucks you can't beat it. We've been having little pit parties every night since I got it."—MAJKMama4

    Price: $42

    6. An outdoor conversation set with orange cushions for a ~pop~ of color that will enhance, not overshadow, your flower garden.

    A dark brown wicker, outdoor set including a two-level table, two chairs, and one love seat

    Promising review: "This is very well made heavy duty wicker. It looks beautiful around my pool area. The cushions are very thick and comfortable. It looks great! I am very pleased with this purchase. This set with all four pieces with cushions is a great deal!"—ArmyWife321

    Price: $649

    7. A traveling sprinkler that'll water your entire lawn as it goes along its merry way.

    A three-wheeled yellow sprinkler attached to a hose spraying water

    Promising review: "With four acres, we were always moving sprinklers. Now I drink ice tea on on the porch, and watch it move itself. My grandmother had one of these, and when saw it I knew I needed one. The best thing is it's still made in the US, and cast-iron."—Digby

    Price: $69.73

    8. A set of outdoor throw pillows to jazz up any outdoor space with basically no effort other than you clicking "add to cart."

    A brightly-colored set of striped outdoor pillows

    Promising review: "Great buy! We have an antique bench on the front porch of our rural farmhouse, and these pillows are perfect for it."—Candy

    Price: $4.50+ (available in two sizes and 30 colors)

    9. A set of windchimes, because there's nothing more soothing than listening to them gently sound in the breeze on a warm summer day.

    A set of metallic wind chimes with wooden accents

    Promising review: "I have the chimes hanging on a pine tree in the garden. We have lots of wind so it is chiming all the time. I like to hear it at night, when I am sleeping. It is far enough away from the house to not be annoying. It is loud when you are sitting directly under it. I love it."—Buffette

    Price: $68

    10. A pump-style fountain that looks rustic but is actually super durable, and will bring the calming sound of trickling water to your outdoor space.

    A three-tier, rusted pump fountain with water running into each basin

    Price: $135.14

    11. A bottle of plant food concentrate to ensure full blooms, green leaves, and humongous vegetables.

    A yellow handled bottle of Miracle Gro

    Price: $17.63

    12. A rocking bistro set for an updated, modern take on the sitting on your porch in your rocking chair that your grandparents did.

    A set of two black-framed outdoor rocking chairs with white cushions

    Promising review: "This three piece set with cushions is incredible. The modern look is gorgeous. I'm shocked how lovey it is in person. They chairs rock nicely and came together quickly. It's beautiful and I highly recommend it!"—Katrina

    Price: $124.99+ (originally $179.99)

    13. A set of globe string lights that'll turn your backyard into a fancy bistro with just the flip of a switch.

    A set of lit-up brown outdoor string lights

    Promising review: "These are perfect for my patio! So cute, the right size, they hang perfectly, and I love that they are actually plastic as we get a lot of wind where we are. I've had them for almost two years now and only have two bulbs that have gone out so I'm ordering a strand just for bulbs."—MrsRuiz2007

    Price: $12.78

    14. An infinity bird feeder so no matter where you're looking from you'll have a clear view of all your hungry avian visitors.

    A bird feeder with a red roof and a faux-stone base visited by many birds

    Promising review: "This is such an excellent feeder. It's completely open for birds so all sizes enjoy it, or squirrels. I keep one feeder for squirrels to encourage them to stay away from the others. This open feeder is loved by birds and squirrels. It's extremely sturdy."—Felicia

    Price: $12.49 (originally $26.12)

    15. An outdoor storage box that'll unobtrusively keep your toys, tools, and more out of the way when you aren't using them.

    An espresso brown outdoor storage box with the lid open

    Promising review: "Very impressed with this outdoor storage solution. Purchased to put on my back patio to store my kids outdoor toys. The directions were simple, and it was complete within five minutes. The design and look is accurately displayed in the photos as well."—CCMOM

    Price: $65.99 (originally $89.99)

    16. A set of club chairs perfect for sipping on a drink and reading a book on a long, slow summer afternoon.

    Two wood-framed outdoor chairs with light blue cushions

    Price: $334.55 (available in two colors)

    17. A patio umbrella in a cheerful gingham print that'll make it stand out from all the other neutral umbrellas on the block. Just make sure to have your picnic under it, not on top of it.

    A red gingham umbrella with a black metal pole

    Promising review: "The cheerful color adds a bright spot on my patio. It is large enough to be provide plenty of shade, yet cranks up and down with ease. I have gotten several compliments on it and am tempted to buy another just to store away until this one finally wears out! LOL!"—Debbiedeb

    Price: $66.92

    18. A hanging egg chair so ~egg~cellent you'll want to show it off to everyone who visits.

    A neutral-color hanging chair with cushion held by a black metal frame

    Promising review: "I LOVE this chair. I sit outside in it on my patio and work almost every day. I curl up in it and read and I bring out candles at night and sit in it. A great purchase. I brought out an extra pillow because I lay in it curled up to the side. Overall, I would definitely recommend it."—Rachel

    Price: $329.99 (originally $399)

    19. A set of solar path lights to illuminate even the most out of the way corners of your yard, and give the whole place fairyland vibes.

    A set of four solar lights with black spikes and tops and clear lights

    Promising review: "Love these lights! The size is larger than I expected and nicely made! They give off lots of light at night and also cast beautiful starbursts on the ground around them! They lit up the first night! Very happy with my purchase!"—Sassyt

    Price: $17.44 (originally $22.50, for a set of four)

    20. A wooden porch swing that's the ideal way to catch a breeze on a still, hot day. Plus you feel like you're moving even though you're not going anywhere.

    A light wooden-color porch swing with black metal handles and metal chains

    Promising review: "I installed this swing on my back porch, now I sit and watch my cows which are 50 feet from me. The swing was easy to install."—outlaw2u2

    Price: $130

    21. A paisley accent pillow with great back support so you can enjoy the outdoors comfortably (and maybe even catch a quick nap).

    A set of blue, green, and yellow paisley outdoor pillows

    Price: $32 (set of two)

    22. A raised, self watering planter to make your first foray into vegetable gardening even more accessible.

    Model standing behind a raised black planter filled with green plants

    Promising review: "Great raised bed garden. We bought our first one four years ago and now we have four. We love these garden beds."—Nicholas

    Price: $97.11+ (originally $129.99, available in two colors)

    23. A gazing globe that has just a touch of a witchy vibe, while still being classy and a good conversation piece. We see this in your future!

    A large reflective globe set atop a black, three-legged stand

    Price: $33.19+ (originally $38.98, available in four colors)

    24. A Bluetooth rock speaker to fill your yard with music or spooky noises, if it's Halloween (or you're just in the mood for a prank).

    A speaker hidden/shaped like a large rock

    Promising review: "This product is very sturdy and has really good sounds. And it helps that it's waterproof and solar."—GoodWorker

    Price: $93.99+ (available in two colors)

    25. A patio seat pad that'll transform your existing, uncomfortable outdoor chairs into something you can sit in all night.

    Two white, plastic patio seats with aqua color cushions

    Promising review: "Loved the color. We bought two for our white rocking chairs. Adds a beautiful touch for not much money."—Laura

    Price: $18.50 (for a set of two, available in two colors)

    26. A 12-inch ceramic planter with a reactive finish that won't fade or chip, and will liven up your garden for years.

    A blue, green, and white-colored ceramic planter

    Promising review: "Love it! Looks way more expensive than it was. Very sturdy and beautiful colors."—Jamalama

    Price: $24.97

    27. A puppy statue that's so adorable and realistic, it'll make everyone do a double take and then awwwww.

    A statue of a white and brown puppy with black eyes and nose

    Price: $29 (originally $35)

    28. A tall planter to elevate (literally!) all of your plants, herbs, and flowers.

    A tall, black, oval-shaped planter with purple flowers inside

    Price: $54.99 (originally $108.99, available in three colors)

    29. A garden stake windmill that'll turn lazily in a breeze and add a ton of visual flavor.

    A multi-colored windmill with a smiling sun at the center

    Promising review: "I put this garden windmill out last week while it was raining and extremely windy! Bad timing on my end but so far it has held up great and spins easily. I bought this windmill to deter birds from my plum tree. It was super easy to put together and looks great."—Debi

    Price: $27.36

    30. A broadcast spreader perfect for evenly distributing seeds, fertilizer, salt, and more.

    A green spreader with black wheels and handle and red accents

    Promising review: "I purchased this spreader to replace my old one, which I wore out. I love it because it has a large bin to hold large quantities of whatever product you are using for your grounds maintenance. It operates smoothly with nice large wheels, and has settings for all types of spread density needed for any product application recommendations, AND you can hose it down to remove any residue of products you may have applied to your lawn/yard (i.e. granular pesticides) that were poisonous."—Walmart Customer

    Price: $33.81 (originally $44.90)

    31. A pack of landscape edging that doesn't require you to dig to get a clean edge on all your garden beds.

    Black landscape edging keeping woodchips from mixing with the lawn

    Promising review: "Easy installation and flexible enough to handle curves. I used it on my front yard, which is on a hill. I only bought enough for a small section that has mulch, plants, and flowers. It looks pretty good, so I am going to order more for a larger area in my yard. I recommend this for those who do not have a lot of time to work on a long yard project."—John

    Price: $65 (for 24 feet, available in two colors)

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