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    31 Things From Target That Are Not Only Useful, But Will Look Gorgeous On Your Kitchen Counter

    Life hack: just pick out the prettiest products and then you never have to put them away. They're ~decor~ now.

    1. A mini Keurig with a limited edition Jonathan Adler print that you won't want to wait to get your hands on—this beauty could be gone before you know it.

    the patterned coffee maker next to white ceramics

    2. A cactus beverage dispenser that, yes, was probably designed for a party. But you have to admit that having this on your counter or in your fridge would brighten your day every time you saw it.

    the green cactus dispenser

    3. A nonstick Dutch oven just begging to be Instagrammed. Make a stew in this, and get ready for the likes to roll in.

    the dutch oven with chicken, greens, and beans inside

    4. A KitchenAid stand mixer that'll whip up cookies, cakes, bread, and more, and look darn cute doing it.

    the mixer on a counter with baking ingredients

    5. A leaf-shaped snack bowl perfect for carnivores, herbivores and omnivores alike. Put hummus in it one day and buffalo chicken dip the next! That's balance.

    the green bowl full of dip next to a veggie platter

    6. A melamine dinner plate that's almost too pretty to eat off of. Just almost though.

    the pink plate on a table

    7. A set of colorful knives because who made the rule that knives can only be one color? Boring people, that's who.

    the colorful knives

    8. A five-section serving platter that'll elevate even the simplest chips and dip to ~fine dining.~

    an all white serving platter with five compartments for dips and chips

    9. A cast-iron skillet great for cooking both indoors and outdoors. If you keep up the seasoning it'll basically last forever, and the natural sheen it'll develop looks elegant and effortless. Plus, it only gets more beautiful with age—like you!

    a row of the cast iron skillets on a grill

    10. A hand mixer that's more than just a pretty face — the helix-shaped beaters mix faster and more evenly than the traditional kind.

    the purple mixer next to cupcakes

    11. A bread box with modern vibes that make it definitely not your grandma's breadbox.

    the white breadbox on a counter

    12. An olive oil dispenser that'll make all your salads feel like they were made at a fancy restaurant in Italy.

    the bottle on a table

    13. A salt cellar with a helpful label, so you can hopefully avoid any future "salt in the birthday cake" incidents.

    the cream cellar

    14. A set of frying pans that won't make you feel ~blue~ every time you cook or do the dishes.

    the set of three blue frying pans

    15. An oven mitt and potholder set straight out of my fruit-themed kitchen dreams and into your actual kitchen!

    the orange patterned mitt and potholder next to a sheet pan of vegetables

    16. A mini waffle maker that really you should just leave out so you and your guests can squee over just *how teensy* it is.

    the pink waffle maker surrounded by breakfast supplies

    17. A wooden serving tray practically begging to be loaded up with charcuterie and set out on a table so all your friends can nosh.

    the wooden tray

    18. A glass kettle that lights up different colors as it boils. It's like watching a little laser show as you make your afternoon tea.

    the kettle lit up blue

    19. A textured pitcher perfect for summertime. Imagine pouring lemonade out of this—you'll never feel more sophisticated in your whole life.

    the clear textured pitcher with cucumber slices

    20. A stoneware serving bowl that'll make your salad, spaghetti, or even sweet treats shine.

    the bowl with salad on a table

    21. A set of aqua canning jars perfect to use for food storage, as drinking glasses, as vases and for pickling. And yes, of course, also for their intended use — canning.

    the blue jar with flowers in it

    22. A set of marble-patterned silicone utensils that I'm pretty sure the Venus de Milo would have used (if she had arms).

    the utensils being used to make cookies

    23. A set of gold cookie sheets because I'm pretty sure you need gold tools if you're going to make gold-medal tier cookies.

    the gold pans

    24. An iced coffee maker that brews in minutes, instead of overnight, so you should probably just keep this cutie on your counter at all times, in case an iced coffee emergency strikes.

    the small grey coffee maker on a counter

    25. A patterned stoneware utensil holder so you can finally upgrade from that dingy tin that's been holding them for way too long and cluttering up the corner of your counter.

    the patterned container with utensils on a counter

    26. A simple but classic porcelain teapot that should just live on a table when you're not brewing something in it — it deserves a place of honor.

    the white teapot on a napkin

    27. A blue bakeware set perfect for making the cutest lasagna you ever did see—and they're extra deep so you get extra lasagna. Win-win!

    the bakeware set in different shades of blue

    28. A set of nested measuring cups and spoons that are magnetic so you'll never lose one in a drawer. Plus, their chic gradient colorway will prevent them from looking dingy, even after years of use.

    the nested set of blue and grey cups

    29. A melamine butter dish to keep bacteria and funky smells out of your butter, and also to keep from breaking if you accidentally knock it off the counter, you ~butterfingers.~

    the yellow dish in front of toast and jam

    30. A set of glass mixing bowls with lids that are sturdy enough to do any cooking job you can imagine, and classic enough that you can serve meals right out of them. Plus, you can just pop a lid on those leftovers and they turn into quick storage containers.

    the bowls full of vegetables on a counter with blue, coral and sage green lids

    31. An acacia eight-bottle wine rack perfect for storing all types of bottles — whether it's fancy vintage red wines or your collection of oils and vinegars, they'll look positively pristine.

    the geometric wine rack

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