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    26 Things From Petsmart You'll Wish You'd Bought Years Ago

    Products so useful you'll want to give them a round of a-paws.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cat water fountain perfect for finicky felines who only like to drink running water. They need to hydrate, and this is a better solution than leaving a tap running 24/7.

    a fluffy cat drinking out of the white and green fountain

    2. A bird warmer to keep your tropical feathered friends safe and toasty all year round — but especially now when you want the AC on full blast.

    a grey bird on a perch next to the grey warmer

    3. An orthopedic dog bed so Fido can rest his weary joints after a long day of sniffing, digging, and running around at the dog park.

    a small brown dog on a grey dog bed

    4. A taco cat toy that's filled with catnip so your kitty will love it, and happens to be delightful palindrome (taco cat) that the humans in the house can appreciate.

    the yellow and blue fish taco toy

    5. A double door crate because you should be able to rearrange your pup's sleeping area without having to buy a totally different crate. Plus, it has a removable divider that makes it perfect for your dog when she's a puppy and when she's all grown up (but still a puppy in your heart).

    a large dog half in the crate with both doors open

    6. A mini pet carrier for easy transport of, well, mini animals. Rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, bearded dragons and even hamsters can travel in comfort without any worry that they'll escape between dog- or cat-sized bars.

    the blue and grey small pet carrier

    7. A pet hand-vacuum so you can clean up fur, spills, spots and more, all without the fuss of hauling out the heavy, unwieldy upright vacuum.

    the black handheld vacuum and attachments

    8. A car hammock that'll keep your dog safely in the backseat, while also keeping your seats safe from their nails, fur, and slobber.

    a dalmatian relaxing in the tan hammock in the back of a car

    9. A pet camera for those who got really used to seeing their pets all day and now have to go back to the office. With this, you can check up on them via your phone, and even talk to them through the app!

    the camera on a credenza with a dog standing in front

    10. A heated cat bed that'll quickly become your furball's favorite spot. You might even have to hide it sometimes to remind them of the OG "heated bed" (aka your lap).

    a white and black cat in the grey patterned bed

    11. A Joshua Tree terrarium cling background because it'll make your desert-dwelling snake or lizard feel more ~at home.~ (Okay, actually snakes have notoriously bad eyesight, but it'll make YOU feel better.)

    12. An extra wide gate so you can block off that room you thought was totally unblockable, and give yourself some peace of mind without having to worry about little paws getting where they don't belong.

    a chocolate lab sitting in front of the gate with two models on the couch behind it

    13. A TV-shaped cat scratcher toy that serves two purposes: the sides will help you redirect Fluffy from scratching the furniture, and the crinkly antenna balls are a great replacement for that random piece of plastic she found on the floor.

    the blue retro tv-style toy

    14. A carrier backpack that offers easier transport than a crate. It's perfect for hikes where your dog might get tired, and for subway rides that'll absolutely delight the other passengers.

    a medium sized brown dog in the grey backpack on a model's back

    15. A tube of hairball gel because a dab in your cat's food means hours saved from cleaning up gross messes (and listening to him hack them up).

    the purple tube of gel with a photo of an orange cat on it

    16. A digital power center for aquariums and terrariums that has customizable timers, so you don't have to haul yourself out of bed every morning to make sure their important lights are up and running.

    the white power strip in blue packaging

    17. A bottle of KONG Easy Treat to make filling up treat dispensing toys way less of a hassle. Or, alternatively, just squirt some in your dog's mouth, like they're a college kid having some Easy Cheese.

    a model's hands using the spray bottle to fill a red KONG toy

    18. A litter genie because having scooped litter stinking up your house is not the vibe — but neither is taking out the trash every. single. day. This solves both problems!

    the grey trash can and black scooper

    19. A bottle of bitter spray to save your shoes (and electronics and chair legs and couches and and and...) from your puppy's enthusiastic teeth.

    a model spraying a pair of brown shoes with the blue and white spray bottle

    20. A coupler leash so you won't get your legs tangled in two leashes again — just attach your dogs to this and you'll be able to have a free hand on walks!

    the black double leash

    21. A silent exercise wheel because no one tells you hamsters are nocturnal and their wheel squeaking at 3 a.m. will slowly drive you mad.

    the blue and white plastic wheel

    22. A potty training bell so that your dog can learn to tell you when they need to go outside until dog speaking technology improves enough that they can just tell you themselves.

    the black and white strap with bells on it

    23. A bottle of carpet and upholstery cleaner with a built in brush so you don't have to go searching for another tool — you can just spray and scrub in one easy step.

    the black bottle of cleaner with a green brush attached

    24. A hands-free poop scooper for people whose backs are getting increasingly cranky about leaning down on walks (or for people who just don't want to touch poop, which is also valid).

    the grey plastic scooper

    25. A birch bowl filled with fruit treats that'll delight your small critter and give them a food dish that is totally okay for them to gnaw on. No more worries about them eating a bunch of tiny pieces of plastic.

    the round piece of wood with a blue and white label

    26. A cooling dog bed because it's hot out there! Your pet needs their own personal AC to make it through the *ahem* dog days of summer.

    a chocolate lab on the blue cooling bed

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